15 Non-Negotiable Qualities of Christian Men

As we look into our society today, we can see a poverty of REAL men. We could see how women are being empowered while men are maligned, defamed, and shamed. Men are labeled as optional, obsolete, and inferior to women. Many people are asking the question, “Where have all the good men gone?”

As Christian men, we are called to a higher standard. God expects us to become a man after His own heart. This means that the expectation of us, men, are higher than those who are outside of our faith.

Are you living up in the expectation God has for you? Are you raising the bar to become a better man each passing day? Do you have the courage to stand out from the ordinary to extraordinary?

In this blog post, let me share with you the qualities that every Christian man should possess. It is time to MAN UP!

1. Christian men are protectors

Men must rise up to the challenge and become a protector. He is not an oppressor but a PROTECTOR of the weak! From a physical point of view, God designed men to be stronger than women (I Peter 3:7). We are endowed with certain attributes that put us, men, to a unique position to protect others.

We need to protect women, children, weak, and the defenseless. Christian men must be willing to protect other people even if this will mean inconvenience, harm, and even death.

2. Christian men are gentlemen

Though we are stronger than women, this does not mean that we have the license to subjugate them. Being a gentleman means that you make the welfare of women more important than yours. Being a gentleman means that you have the willingness to accept discomfort for the sake of putting a woman in a better position.

A gentleman opens a door for a young or old lady, offers himself for carrying heavy loads, walks along the danger side of the road, gives his coat or jacket, respects women, passes sincere compliments, helps ladies to be seated, says polite words, and many others.

3. Christian men use their time wisely

It saddens me to see how many of my friends waste their time playing video games, mindlessly surfing the Internet, and watching unproductive TV shows. It is just a complete waste of time! I would also admit that I am guilty of this.

We must realize that killing time is among the greatest crimes ever committed by man. Once you waste time, it will never be taken back. It is gone FOREVER. We must take heed the words of the Apostle Paul when he said we should be “redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16).

4. Christian men improve themselves

There are a lot of things to improve on in this life and even when you are already in your death bed, you will still be learning until your last breath. This means that you will never run out of things to improve on.

So instead of wasting your time playing video games and watching mindless entertainment, why not exercise and develop your physical strengths. Seek to improve your health.

Read books! Most great men on this earth have written their ideas in a book. There is no better way to become a better man than to read the minds of these successful people. Above all, read the Bible. This will be the greatest investment of your time.

Learn new talents. It is never too late to learn how to play a new musical instrument. You can also learn some manly skills like plumbing, carpentry, electrical works, and others.

The biggest room is the room for improvement. Recognize the things that you can improve on and work on it!

5. Christian men should have the right goals in life

A man without any ambition is a man without passion and drive. Christian men should have a direction in their life. We must have short-, mid-, and long-term goals in life. Our ultimate goal is to be in the Kingdom of God and from there, we must plan our life according to our ultimate goal.

Christian men should have a clear understanding of what they want to be. When they finally set a goal, they must have the drive, resourcefulness, and ability to achieve it.

6. Christian men know how to say sorry

Men are naturally inclined to preserve their pride and ego. We have the tendency not to admit when we are wrong but instead use every excuse in the book. Pride is part of our human nature that we need to overcome!

If we know that we have committed a mistake, it will not make you a lesser man to say sorry. Imagine if most of our world leaders just know how to say sorry; this world could have been a better place to live in!

7. Christian men accept responsibilities

We will forever remain boys if we don’t accept responsibilities. One way to become more matured is to make a decision and have the courage to accept the outcome of our decision.

We must have the willingness to take responsibility for our own actions and not blame it on others when things go wrong. Like Adam who blamed Eve for giving him the fruit, we are just postponing our growth process and even retarding it to some point.

Men talking

8. Christian men do not compromise godly principles

We are commanded to come out of the world and be separate. Though this world is morally decaying, we are expected to live according to godly principles. No matter how much pressure the society may put on us, we must NEVER compromise our Christian values. We must have the courage to stand up for what’s right even if it means standing alone.

9. Christian men keep their word

Psalms 14:4 tells us that we must honor our word even to the point of hurting us. Christian men should not carelessly promise something and not have the intention to really keep that promise. That is just a complete opposite of what God expects from us.

Jesus said that our yes should be yes and no should be no. If we say that we will be there at 10 am, then we must be there at 10 am. Christian men consider very well the words they say. If he said that he will do something, then will honor his word and do that.

Honoring one’s word should be a solid part of ourselves to the point that it defines us in the eyes of other people.

10. Christian men have a heart of a servant

Christian men are not selfish. They have a heart of a servant. They always find time to volunteer in helping out others. They make it a point that they will serve in the church and not just go to church services and warm their seat. They recognize that they have a work to do and are not willing to just fold their hands and wait for others to do it.

A Christian man who volunteers have a very strong heart because he is not motivated by greed, power, money, or anything else. He serves without thinking of being reciprocated. He serves because of his outgoing concern for the brethren and other people.

11. Christian men are passionate about doing the work of God

Our top priority as Christian men is to do the mission that God has given to us. This means that we must be motivated to preach the Gospel in all the world and prepare ourselves for the coming Kingdom of God.

We must be FULL OF PASSION for the truth. Christian men are not in the church for nothing. We are called to do the GREATEST work on earth and that is to proclaim the good news that God will one day establish His Kingdom here on earth and make all things right again.

12. Christian men treat women with great respect

Women are very special. They are given by God under the care of the men. This means that Christian men should not play around with the emotion of women. Christian men are not to take women for granted. They must be treated with love and respect.

Respecting women also mean becoming the right husband. This means that we, as Christian men, should prepare ourselves to eventually become the right husband who is equipped with the physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual abilities to properly rule his future household.

13. Christian men control their emotions

When strong emotions set in, it is very difficult to control it. As this might be the case, Christian men should do their best to control their emotions, be it fear, infatuation or anger. Making decisions based on unstable emotion will surely lead to future regrets.

14. Christian men influence others to be better

Whether you like it or not, you will be an example to others. Therefore, choose to be a good one. Christian men cannot influence others if they preach something and completely do the opposite. It will never work that way. His life should be a living sermon to others. This is the best way to influence others.

Christian men encourage, inspire, and motivate his brethren. When they see other people struggling in their Christian walk, they will step up and offer themselves. Therefore, a Christian man is active and never passive. They have the initiative to do the things that needed to be done.

15. Christian men have Jesus as their ultimate role model

The Apostle Paul has Jesus as his role model. He said, “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ” (I Corinthians 11:1). Jesus Christ lived a perfect and sinless life. He showed us the right way to live. Therefore, if there would be a person we should look up to, it must be our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

I recognize that my list is not complete and might not even be perfect. But this last point would surely make all things right. If you let the life, example, and commandments of Jesus govern your life, I am most certain and sure that you will eventually become a man after God’s own heart!

Final words

We are not ordinary men but we are CHRISTIAN MEN called to be holy, sanctified, and to be a future son of God. We have the greatest privilege to have the opportunity to reign with God in His Kingdom. That will only be possible if you develop the godly character of a real Christian.

God is searching for real Christian men. Will you be one of them?


7 thoughts on “15 Non-Negotiable Qualities of Christian Men

  1. I try really hard to live these items that you have wrote. It is not easy whatsoever but like the Bible & you point out it is not an easy road to Heaven and true salvation. Sacrifices must be made. I have double trouble because I am schizophrenic which I do or say things I should never utter or do. I ask God to forgive me and make me stronger the next time the urge comes over me to do or say something that is not going to bring praise to God. I was aware in my heart about the phrase “O My God” because God’s holy name is used as an expression however I had always thought that it was actually a short prayer to go about what we are shown or told. The phrase “God D***” I find very offensive and it is 1 phrase i work on never uttering or even to think. I noticed you did not include that. When I find something offensive being done or said I first examine what I have said or done that reflect the same attitude or action. If I am not actively doing or saying something that my heart tells me that it is not something that gives praise to God. I am 63 years old and I may not read the Bible hard copy often but I find sites such as these who not only quote the Bible but make sure what is quoted is not out of context. Those sites who do not do this I never go back to since they do not bring peace and happiness to my heart. While we are suppose to live a life of a servant it does not mean we can’t feel joy and peace. My left arm hurts so bad sometimes it brings tears to my eyes. I stand ready as possible to be a true Christian man. “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter Fear God,and keep his commandments; For this is the whole duty of man” Ecl 12:13


    • Hi, Thom! I understand your struggles in life. We all have our own battles to fight and I am praying that you will find comfort in God’s word and promises. I would surely agree that uttering the God d**n it expression is not a Christian thing to do. We really have to examine ourselves and see how we can reflect God’s character in all things that we do and be an instrument for people to praise God. Ecclesiastes 12:13 is also among my favorite verses. I would really move to hear more about your life. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email message.


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  3. Regarding #1, protector, many times men “rise up” inappropriately to challenges to their pride. Pride should be challenged and the challenge submitted to by a Christian man as our Lord “Hates” pride. Other times a challenge is perceived but not intended because as mentioned later in your article, a man does not want to admit error (certainly not exclusive to men), a pride issue again. The duty of protecting needs to be downplayed, IMHO, but that depends what group one is addressing. If it is the ones who think that “Everybody Loves Ray…” or such where the man is a sniveling, cowardly wimp hanging on to his wife’s pant leg is a great male role then surely it DOES need GREAT emphasis. But if the group of men who are able and confident and courageous to protect in an instant then I think it needs to be downplayed because as you point out in #10 we are to be (MEEK) as the Lord was; great power bridled with self-control (i.e., a broken stallion) and exercising gentleness and kindness and gracious mercy and love FIRST unless a threat is genuine and imminent. We need to always remember what the Lord and Creator and Sustainer of ALL response was when wrongfully accused and illegally tried. He could have made them disappear in an instant with a mere thought. What were His responses? Silence and short reflective questions of their own conviction. Did He defend Himself? Did He accuse them? Did He get loud? He could have responded with ground-shaking, ear-deafening thunder. Who are we to emulate? How many times are we told about Jesus defending His own physically? None that I can recall. He drove the corrupt money changer’s out of His/His Father’s house after they had invaded it and on the other side of things He stopped Peter from continuing his sword defense of Him which could be loosely interpreted as indirectly protecting His own. Upon sending His disciples out on their first missionary journey into possible hostile locations He instructed them to leave any village not receptive of them shaking the dust off their sandals as they departed but gave them none regarding fighting back to defend themselves even though the instructions were detailed enough to specify what personal items exactly they were to take for the trip. In act, Peter’s sword event and “turning the other cheek” from the Sermon on the Mount would be probably indicative of His instructions if given. We Christian men DO need to be effective and courageous protectors but does that really mean strong? How many times has a deadly affront been thwarted or calmed through anti-climatic strategies including a “soft answer?” It goes on every day in prisons. Colleges teach “Interpersonal Communication” now to first year students and one section on how to deal with difficult people or just plain insensitive jerks. In an update of my resume in 2003 I had it. Anti-climatic strategies and learning how to deal with hostile presentations other than simply resorting/jumping to physical force would be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more in line with what our Lord and Savior would have us do, IMHO. He loves them and wants them to be receptive and open to Him and the Gospel message and become saved and one of His children, also. Kicking their butt while also representing Christ and putting them down is NOT conducive to His intent and will for them. I speak NOT as from a lover of Raymond. I have single-handedly w/o any help nearby and unarmed without panic button or radio captured an escaped prisoner who was several inches taller and had about 50# on me with a coat zipped half-way down which could have had a shank at quick access and was eventually relieved by 4-5 prison guards working in tandem and have other combat and such experiences. I am not afraid to fight and confident in my abilities even now to take a defensive stand to protect the ones I love, IF NEED BE. I have known many MI State Police Sgts. nearing retirement who had never needed to draw their weapon but made thousands of arrests; anti-climatic strategies or simple respectful, loving, and thoughtful approach.


  4. Everyone should learn/know/practice at least the basics of self-defense. Self-defense encompasses the peaceful, psychological anti-climatic and Gospel and spiritual approach as well as the physical. The MI State Police has or least had two Psychologists teaching the cadets at the academy how to employ anti-climatic and other peaceful strategies when confronted with an aggressive or hostile reaction or response. In the prison system system they also teach such strategies. One must be courageous and ready for an instantaneous physical attack but most of the time, but if they look to God in faith as they deal with the problem God WILL protect them and provide what they need to successfully encounter an assault. God desires us to prove our faith in Him by taking steps into the uncontrollable, ill-prepared and fearsome sometimes. Not in a foolish manner but when it comes knocking on our door and it is our duty to face it. That is just what God did for me in that situation above. I WAS afraid but it was my duty (1st primary objective) to prevent and stop escapes just as it was for any nurse, teacher, driver, janitor, typist clerk, plumber or mechanic employed by the prison, not just the guards. As I chased him down the street I prayed to God to give me what I needed to capture him and He did. God wants us to serve our employers/maters just as if they were God, and I always did my best at that. God used that incident to bring glory to Him as I stated in the critical incident report that I had prayed for the strength and words needed to capture that inmate. And later I was informed by a Deputy of Security that my incident was shared in training.


  5. This was so extremely helpful! I could feel both the conviction yet grace of the Holy Spirit move through me as I read them. Especially on making promises and keeping my word, I have amends to make. Breaking half-committed and impulsive promises as a result of people-pleasing has caused many issues in my life and the life of others.

    Thank you so much for your godly work, brother in Christ. I will live by these and apply them to my own life. God bless you richly!

    With love,


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