Should you support feminism?

Every year, people celebrate Mother’s Day to celebrate all the loving and caring mothers out there. However, some people use this day as a day to push feminism.

As a Christian, what should be your stand?

There’s no doubt, feminism was a great movement in its earliest times. The original intent of feminism is to seek equal rights for men and women

The Bible advocates equality as we are all equal in the sight of God. Whether you are a man or woman, both have equal opportunities to be part of God’s kingdom.

The problem is that modern feminism ISN’T biblical anymore.

We see how feminists go overboard and thrive in immorality. Feminists today, especially in Western nations, generally advocate for abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, and other issues. 

What’s more, they want to erase the difference between men and women. They also want to change the God-ordained structure of the family and remove male leadership.

No doubt: as Christians, we are all for equality, but this doesn’t mean that we eliminate the natural roles God has given for each gender.

Both men and women have equal opportunity to be part of God’s family.

Christian women should NOT support modern feminism that seeks to divide rather than unite. We must stand against the feminist movement that is based on pride rather than humility.

As for the Christian men, we must continually uphold God’s standard of righteousness and treat women with respect, love, and care.

Let’s not buy into the lie of modern feminism. It doesn’t empower you, but rather it leads you away from God’s truth.

Instead of women working against men, we must work together to achieve equality everywhere in the world.

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With that said, I wish to honor all mothers out there. You hold one of the most important jobs in the world. You literally prepare the next generation of our society. The future of this world lies in your hands.

May the Most High God bless all mothers out there!


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