Believing the Pope’s Deceptive Lie: Are We All REALLY the Children of God?

I recently watched a video of pope Francis where he made a passionate plea that all faith should unite. The video is part of his monthly prayer intention and it is made for January 2016. The video includes a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, and Christian. So what’s wrong with this video? He made a startling statement. He said,

“We are all children of God”.

The pope argued that all faiths are seeking God in different ways but any path will lead to God. Here’s a quote from the video.

“Many think differently, feel differently, seeking God or meeting God in different ways. In this crowd, in this range of religions, there is only one certainty that we have for all: we are all children of God.”

You can watch the video yourself. Here’s the link.

Is the pope right when he said, no matter what you believe in, you are still considered to be part of God’s children? Is the pope right that all path leads to eternal life? Is he right when he said, as the video shows, that all we need is love?

Here’s the obvious answer: the pope is right if you DON’T believe the Bible as the ultimate authority of all truths. However, if you are a Bible-believing Christian, then you should consider the statement of the pope as a GREAT lie!

As Christians, our belief must originate from the Bible and not from any human-devised lies and deception.

The problem with the pope and his followers is that they don’t see the Bible as the only source of all truths. They rely on human traditions and beliefs that are not rooted in the Bible. This is a dangerous method of formulating your doctrine and belief because everyone is now free to believe anything.

Learning the truth

Can we really learn the truth? Thankfully, yes. The Bible reveals to us the truth about being a child of God.

When we read the Bible, we can see that we are all part of God’s creation (Colossians 1:26). John 3:16, a very popular verse, tells us that God loves the whole world or all human beings. Nevertheless, this does not automatically make you a child of God.

How to be a child of God?

God is more than willing to call us His children. He loves all of us and as a loving Father, there is nothing He would like to have but to establish a close relationship with us. God initiates the process of building a relationship (John 6:44). But we need to respond to His calling. We have our role to play in the process. Therefore, the only one who can prevent for us to be a child of God is ourselves.

Children of God or children of Satan?

The Bible reveals that there are two possibilities. You can either become a child of God or child of the devil. Here’s what the Apostle John has to say:

“In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother” (I John 3:10).

According to this passage, we can be a child of God if we practice righteousness and love one another. If you don’t do this, you are part of the children of the devil.

Understanding righteousness and love

What is righteousness? Psalms 119:172 tells us that righteousness is keeping the commandments of God. With this in mind, anyone who says to you that we are already saved and do not have to do the commandments of God are, in fact, not children of God.

Sadly, the majority of “Christians” today buy into the belief that all we have to do is believe Jesus Christ and we are saved. Keeping the commandment is not necessary anymore. This kind of thinking is demonic. These so-called Christians are not, according to the Bible, children of God, but the children of the devil.

Don’t believe me! Believe the Bible! These are not my words. It’s the word of God.

I am just telling you what the Bible actually says. Yes, the truth may hurt and we need to know the truth so that we will be set free from any demonic deception.

The Apostle John also included that we must love one another to be called the children of God. Part of keeping the commandments of God is loving one another. John specifically mentioned loving one another because it is not a natural thing to do for us humans.

We must all strive to love one another according to God’s standard. John 13:38 added this:

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another”.

No matter how good you are in memorizing the scripture, no matter how good you are in prophecy, no matter how good you are in speaking God’s truth, but if you don’t have love, it all boils to nothing.

If we are truly the children of God, we must also reflect the characteristic of God in our daily lives and that characteristic includes love.

Final words

The pope’s statement reflects his ignorance of the scripture or if he knows the scripture, he deliberately dismisses what the Bible say and goes on to say things that are pleasing to the ears of many people. No wonder he is the most loved pope in the history of the papacy.

For us Christians, we need to please God rather than men. Though what we believe may hurt or offend others, so be it! If Jesus Christ who is perfect and sinless has been hated, then we should also expect to be hated because of the truth.

Don’t be afraid. Choose to be a child of God rather than be a child of the devil. Keep God’s commandments and continue on loving one another. Don’t be afraid to do what’s right. God is on our side. We can call Him, Father because we are His sons and daughters. This is the most wonderful relationship we can have with our Creator, the supreme Ruler of the entire universe!


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