10 Simple but Powerful Reasons Christians Should not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is among the most popular Christian holidays in the world today. However, what’s popular does not automatically mean it’s acceptable to God. You might be shocked to know that the Bible actually forbids the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Here’s why!

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Valentine’s Day is among the most popular holidays in the world. Thanks to commercialism, this day is so popular that even non-Christians celebrate it.

It is estimated that Americans spend about $20 billion on this single holiday alone, making it the second most expensive holiday next to Christmas.

However, the majority is not always right.

One must ask whether Christians should celebrate this day. Most importantly, what does God think about Valentine’s Day?

Before I proceed, let me tell you this SHOCKING TRUTH: Valentine’s Day should NOT be celebrated by Christians.

In this post, let me share the reasons why this is so. Let me make it as simple as possible for everyone to understand. Here are the 10 reasons Christians should not celebrate Valentine’s Day.


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Reason no. 1: Valentine’s Day has pagan roots

A quick look at any encyclopedia or history book will reveal that Valentine’s Day is an ancient Roman festival.

It is originally known as Lupercalia which is celebrated every February 15. Lupercalia is celebrated to honor not God, but pagan gods namely Lupercus (god of fertility), Juno (goddess of marriage and women) and Pan (god of nature).

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There is really nothing to argue about here.

Plain and simple: Valentine’s Day is rooted in paganism.

God calls paganism as ABOMINABLE and He strongly commands His people to stay away from it.

God is very clear on this:

“When the Lord your God cuts off from before you the nations which you go to dispossess, and you displace them and dwell in their land, take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed from before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise.’ 

You shall NOT worship the Lord your God in that way; for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods; for they burn even their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods. Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall NOT add to it nor take away from it” (Deuteronomy 12:32).

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Reason no. 2: Bible says to flee sexual immorality

Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. 

Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?

For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s” (I Corinthians 6:18-20).

Sexual immorality brings a lot of heartbreaks, diseases, and negative emotional and social problems. God loves us and does not want us to suffer unnecessary pain.

Though sexual immorality brings pleasure, it will not last long. When you consider its many dire consequences, you will soon realize that it’s not worth the risk.

So what does sexual immorality has to do with Valentine’s Day? Lupercalia is celebrated with pagan sex rituals. It is about eroticism, lust, and fertility.

God knows what’s best for us and He knows sexual immorality, like any other sins, leads to many untold suffering.

As early as the fourth B.C., young men seek their sexual partner during the Lupercalia festival. By a “love” lottery, young men would be able to win the companionship and sexual service of a woman until the next year’s drawing.

With these dark secrets of the origin of Valentine’s Day, you sure don’t want to be associated with it. God’s word is very clear with this and He wants us to flee sexual immorality.

Reason no. 3: Christians are called to love, not to lust

There is no doubt that the origin of Valentine’s Day involves strong infatuation and lust rather than genuine love.

There are a lot of unmarried couples who use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to participate in pre-marital sex. Often, this sexual act leads to unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. Sadly, some resorts to abortion just to “correct” their mistakes.

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Reason no. 4: You can Celebrate Love without Valentine’s Day

Why do so many Christians limit their love on a specific day, in this case, Valentine’s Day? Wouldn’t it be great to demonstrate your love every single day?

Married couples or those who are in a relationship can show their love and concern every day and not wait for Valentine’s Day to arrive.

After all, even if you celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day, it really feels awkward since this day celebrates lust and not true love.

Reason no. 5: NO one exactly knows who St. Valentine is

Do a quick search on the Internet and see what you can find about St. Valentine. It is very weird because his story is based on LEGEND and not facts.

It is also unbiblical to revere a man. Some people think that we should pray to the saints as they can help bring our petitions to God. This is a satanic deception that we must all stop.

Dead people are dead. They don’t anymore have the ability to help the living.

First and foremost, dead people are dead. The Bible makes it clear that there is no knowledge in the grave (Ecclesiastes 9:10) and no one has ever ascended into heaven except Christ (John 3:13).

Therefore, it is useless to have so-called “saints” canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. Besides, if you are really a Christian, why celebrate Valentine’s Day which commemorates a saint of the Catholics?

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Reason no. 6: God’s definition of love differs from what Valentine’s Day promotes

The Biblical definition of love is this:

FOR THIS IS THE LOVE OF GOD, THAT WE KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. And His commandments are not burdensome” (I John 5:3).

Did you get that? Read it again.

God’s definition of love is keeping His commandments. The commandments of God are there because He LOVES US. The commandments of God give us the guidelines on how to have a fulfilling, blessed, and joyful love.

Valentine’s Day is just the opposite.

As Christians, it is our duty to please God rather than men.

At this point, we need to stop and think. There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day is a pagan holiday turned “Christian”. It is a holiday consecrated and ordained by man, NOT God. In fact, God considers pagan holidays as abominable, detestable, futile, vain, and useless.

Who should we follow? God or man?

Whom should we please? God or man?

Who should we believe? God or man?

Jesus Christ gave us the answer:

Jesus answered them, “How right Isaiah was when he prophesied about you! You are hypocrites, just as he wrote: ‘

These people, says God, honor me with their words, but their heart is really far away from me. It is no use for them to worship me, because they teach human rules as though they were my laws!’

You put aside God’s command and obey human teachings” (Mark 7:6-8, GNB).

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Reason no. 7: God is not impressed when He is worshiped with pagan holidays

Why do we keep on insisting on our own way? If you read the Bible, you will see the exact and proper manner which God wants to be worshiped.

We need to stop and ask, “How does God want me to worship Him?” Rather than asking, “How do I want God to be worshiped?” After all, it is about God and not us.

Why would you use something that God hates to worship Him?

Jesus said: God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in TRUTH (John 4:24).

Ask yourself, “Is there any truth in Valentine’s Day?” “Does it help us to worship God in spirit?” The answers to these questions are a glaring “NO”.

Valentine’s Day is nothing but a recycled pagan holiday repackaged with a “Christian” name. If you are going to give a gift to God, do you think He will be happy to receive something that He calls useless and abominable?

We need to be honest to answer these questions.

Reason no. 8: Valentine’s Day leads to negative emotions

Women, in general, are very emotional. If they don’t receive a gift on Valentine’s Day, they feel unloved. If ever they receive something on this day, they will feel proud.

Proud because they receive something better than what other women received.

Unloved because they receive something worse than what other women received.

Valentine’s Day is geared towards the way of getting rather than the way of giving.

Whether you like it or not, some women actually expect something from their partners. It is like having this feeling of entitlement. “It’s Valentine’s Day and I deserve a gift.”

On the other hand, men would feel pressured to buy something that will please their partner. Sometimes these men are forced to give rather than give willingly.

Either way, Valentine’s Day is geared towards the way of getting rather than the way of giving.

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Reason no. 9: God commands us not to conform to the world

Like I said before, Valentine’s Day is a very popular holiday in the world.

Why not?

It caters to the lust of the very human nature that we have. However, God expects us Christians to overcome our human nature and be more like God and less like us.

The Apostle Paul is very clear on this:

Do NOT try to work together as equals with unbelievers, for it cannot be done. How can right and wrong be partners? How can light and darkness live together?

How can Christ and the Devil agree? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?

How can God’s temple come to terms with pagan idols? For we are the temple of the living God! As God himself has said, “I will make my home with my people and live among them; I will be their God, and they shall be my people.”

And so the Lord says, “You must leave them and separate yourselves from them. Have nothing to do with what is unclean, and I will accept you.

I will be your father, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty” (II Corinthians 6:14-18, GNB).

Reason no. 10: We are commanded to celebrate different Holy Days

Surprising as it may sound, God commanded His people to celebrate His Feast Days.

There are seven annual festivals that Christians should celebrate instead of borrowing holidays from pagans. They are written in Leviticus 23.

Please don’t assume that it is just for the Israelites because we can read that Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and early Christians celebrated them even many years after Jesus’ death. This is a big topic so please request your free copy of God’s Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind.


With these 10 reasons, it is very obvious that Christians should not participate in any pagan holidays including Valentine’s Day.

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You may change the name of an ancient pagan holiday into something “Christian”, but we cannot deny that its substance is still the same.

We can always show true and genuine love in a God-ordained manner. We don’t have to borrow ancient pagan celebrations to follow God.

If you are really a Christian who would like to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4), then you better take heed and not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is not a Christian holiday and it will never be.

You are called a Christian because you are a follower of Christ. Christ did not celebrate Valentine’s Day, so should you.

Will you follow God’s word or follow your own will? Choose rightly.

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66 thoughts on “10 Simple but Powerful Reasons Christians Should not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Hi Joshua,
    Valentine is not a recognised as a saint in the Catholic Church. Please check and get your facts right.
    Secondly, there is a difference between dead people and saints depicted in Revelation 6, 7 and 8:4 from even your favourite translation KJV.

    May the Lord bless you to know the difference between your human feelings and His Biblical truths.


    • Hi Pamela,
      Valentine is a recognized saint of the Catholic Church. Here’s a quote from the document General Instruction of the Roman Missal:

      The Roman Catholic Church continues to recognize him [Valentine] as a saint, listing him as such in the February 14 entry in the Roman Martyrology, and authorizing liturgical veneration of him on February 14 in any place where that day is not devoted to some other obligatory celebration in accordance with the rule that on such a day the Mass may be that of any saint listed in the Martyrology for that day.

      I read the verses you mentioned and I don’t see saints living in heaven right now. Remember, Jesus Christ said that NO ONE has ascended to heaven except Himself (John 3:13).

      I hope you read my blogs with an open mind with bias. 🙂

      Same to you, may the Lord bless you as well.


      • st valentine is considered a saint because he was actually beheaded that day by the pagans.
        catholic are christians.
        the guys you replied to was correct : “And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand,” saint and dead people are not the same
        in his vision he saw saints
        john 3:13 there was none before him not after


      • Yes, I agree this verse.. I read the verses you mentioned and I don’t see saints living in heaven right now. Remember, Jesus Christ said that NO ONE has ascended to heaven except Himself (John 3:13).


    • Pamela ..To be honest dead saints ..dead people sounds the same to me ,.No need counterintuitively justify the will of God and the people who have the conviction of the holy spirit.
      Lord help me .coz I don’t know everything like Pamela does😂😂🤣🌚🙏


  2. Hi Joshua,
    It is very sad that many churches have embraced this pagan festival all in the name of showing love. The church now follows the pagan examples of the world instead of leading the world in the right path that leads to eternal life.
    Thanks for your in-depth article. YAHWEH bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. You forgot one reason . This holiday is around the time christians prepare for the death of Christ and resurection. Is a direct insult to party when Christ prepares to die


    • Jesus will not die a second time. If you’re talking of remembrance, then that’s all it is, a remembrance, not coming to die another death.

      So Christ died only once to take away the sins of many people. But when he comes again, it will not be to take away sin. He will come to save everyone who is waiting for him. – Hebrews 9:28 CEV


  5. Good article. May the true Christians’ light so shine in the world and as salt to the earth, give flavor and preservation to this decaying world till the Lord Jesus comes back. -Raffy (raffyboy@yahoo.com)


  6. Yes afte reading all this I am agree with the god’s word that real Christian should never celebrate the valentine day and if we are Christians and celebrating this day then we are displeasing God and commiting sin against him.


  7. You could say this about every “hoilday”, but most don’t know the “meaning” behind any one, so they celebrate in their own ways. This tells me we can’t participate in anything. What about veterans day, memorial day, mothers/father’s day to name a few… if you are honoring, or remembering( not worshipping) how is that wrong????


    • Hi Lynn,

      The Bible is clear that using paganism to worship the true God is abominable. This is not the case with the holidays you mentioned. Veteran’s Day, memorial day, and parents’ day do not come from pagan worship nor do we use these holidays specifically to worship the Eternal.


  8. We’re celebrating Valentine because this man left his family, his children, enjoyment and the good social amenities in his country to Africa. He was attacked by animals, Malaria and others deadly disease just to spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ. He die in a round hut with Grass roof. He was found dead kneeling down praying. This is how formal learning started reaching to Africa. He did not teaches the gospel alone but he taught them how to read and write.


  9. Thanks for the insight on valentine celeberation. But note, no man is a monopoly of knowledge. All your pionts as I understood clearly warned to stay away from peganism, there’s no prove that christians serve other gods on that they. People go about appreciating themselves in love. Actually there may be people who uses that day as an excuse to commit imorality, so is it on every other day. Whether a day fo celeberation or not people commit evil. That’s why the Bible says because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold. Valentine or no valentine evil prevail in the land today because we are at the end time. From my perspective, I believe that the celeberation day was initiated to stop the worship of lupercalia, Juno and pan. So that people will understand that without this evil gods, love can still be celeberated among people. About the day, 14th February, love can be celeberated every day but in Roman14:5 one can choose any day suitable, after all everyone is a free moral agent. We can only warn and encourage people to be careful and stay away from evil on that day. 1cor.13:1-10;14:33; 2cor.10:17; 1john3:1-24. Thanks


    • Hi Emeka,

      Thanks for your comment. Valentine’s is a recycled pagan festival. God has instituted biblical festivals. It is a great wonder for me why people would insist on using pagan festivals when God has provided his ordained festivals (Lev 23). So, instead of using paganism, we need to go back to the Bible and do what God really commands us to do.



  10. question. If we celebrate V-day with family by going to church, stay at home, eat and give gifts or something special to parents and kids do household chores for their parents? and thankful to God that family is in good health. We also do this during Christmas. So we stop?

    I mean would God be mad if we celebrate these this things originally from Pagan?
    Would God not accept me in his kingdom if I celebrate these days (Christmas or V-day) by working hard so I can take my parents to movies, or save the day and not go to work so I can do all household chore so mom can relax?

    A lot of people celebrate these holidays / pagan “thing” in a different way.
    If V-day is all about Love and Family, God is all about faith, love and family, is that not the same thing?


    • Hi PurpleFire,

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      Here’s what sets apart the true worshipers of God from the false ones, John 4:23-24:

      But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

      Those who worship God must worship Him in truth and spirit.

      Would you honestly say that the origin of Valentine’s Day, with its dark history, honor the God of truth?

      I would say no.

      There are a lot of ways to show love to your parents and loved ones. You don’t need Valentine’s Day to do that.

      Not only that, but we all need to make sure that we are worshiping God according to His terms and not on our terms.

      Yes, God is all about faith, love, and family, but you don’t get to justify the end by your means.



  11. Thank you for sharing these truth about Pagan celebration. I had never celebrate Valentine’s Day since I learnt where it originated from. I pray that God will continue to use you. God bless you🙏👍😁


  12. Deception and bias on biblical interpretations. They only rely on what is what their doctrine as prostestant stands. Prosyletation is the right term.know first the reason of catholic church before you say that.better to broaden your mind and know the truth.don’t limit your mind.dont be like ahaz and the friends of job.God bless.


  13. Pagan holidays had their own religious identity. The feast of Valentine’s Day, on the other hand, represents an anti-cultural holiday. It certainly represents an anti-Christian holiday.


  14. Thank you for putting this out there. I agree with your opinion and I hope more people would come to agree with this as well.Having humility is one of the most powerful attributes of a person. Do you know God’s words about being humble? It says that being modest will remove unimportant pride within yourself. Check this out Important Qualities of a True Christian Hope this will help. Thanks.



  15. Hi,
    I couldn’t find any strong evidence on how V-day is associated with pagan roots. All I found was that “some people claimed” the christian church had placed V-day celebration mid-Feb to “christianize” the pagan holiday “lupercalia”.
    Imo that doesn’t show how the Vday is linked the day of lupercalia. I’m not claiming to know everything tho, that’s just an opinion.
    Wikipedia puts it this way “The day became associated with romantic love in the 14th and 15th centuries when notions of courtly love flourished, apparently by association with the “lovebirds” of early spring. In 18th-century England, it grew into an occasion in which couples expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”)”
    I do agree though that we aren’t sure about Valentine’s identity as there’s many versions to the story. However the modern celebration(as quoted above) seems to have no connection to the worship of a pagan God?
    I also understand tht it cn b an occasion for ppl to overspend on gifts n all also practice sexual immorality. I’m not for this. If you think about it, any day could b an opportunity for people to do these things, sadly.
    My question is….if on this day, you express your love to your loved ones DECENTLY (just like you should every other day) by buying gifts (without spending like crazy) and cards be wrong?


    • To participate in this on this day IS participating in it. Point blank it still honors the original beliefs God said “Don’t take from it and don’t add to it , for it IS an abomination to Him.” And we have taken and we have added to EVERY single holiday! If you can’t part with mama rituals then perhaps you need to take a deeper look into YOUR love and obedience to Gods commandments. He requires obedience and true sacrificial life to HIM! Forget about what man may say or think. You must be sold out for Christ no matter what or who likes it!!!! God wants us to be separate from the things of this world and the people in it . Bad company corrupts good character


  16. Sir, I agree with you about Valentine day, but not for Easter, I have made a lots of research, I have quotations to back it up and not only that, the HOLY SPIRIT of God taught it to me with a full conviction.
    But when I tried to make research on that of Valentine, I couldn’t find any scriptural backup and the Holy Spirit convictional told Valentine is not commanded by God

    U can create a group chat on WhatsApp and add us up for better explanation, because I’m not that fast in typing , so that we chat through audio
    This my WhatsApp number
    Thanks sir, for the knowledge
    I’m Mr. Jamespromise


    • Easter involves something similar, the pagans worshipped the god “Ishtar” which is where we get the name “Easter”. Ishtar was the pagan god of fertility which is why Easter is associated with eggs. Another pagan tradition God hates. You cannot slap Christianity on a pagan ritual and expect God to approve. Holy Spirit reveals the truth. God bless you!!


  17. We should be celebrating Purim!! It’s in the book of Ester! It is a glorious day of feasting, and gift-giving, to honor The Most High!! Its always around Valentine’s day, in the Hebrew calendar of Adar, on the 14-15 day. Honor God! Not Man!! May The Most High Bless you!!!


  18. I will want you to shed more light on what Romans 14 (esp. v. 4-5) as well as Colossians 2:15-16 in respect to Valentine’s Day celebration please.
    Thank you for all your effort. God bless you


  19. Hey, great article. You are not afraid to speak the truth. God bless you.

    I just noticed some of the verses you included were mis-referenced. The verses you mentioned in Mark 7, are actually from Mark 9:6-8, just so nobody gets confused when reading.

    Thanks for the article!


  20. powerful healing word of GOD To bring back lost sheeps! I pray many christians who read this,GOD will give them the spirit of descernment to undestant like me in JESUS NAME!


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