Three Possible Ways on how God Answers our Prayers

prayerHave you ever felt that your prayers don’t reach God’s ear? Do you think that your prayers don’t even penetrate the roof? Is there a time in your life when God seems so silent that you can’t hear anything but your sighing? What should we really do when God seems to be so far away from us and there is no sign of him answering our prayer?

We all have experienced doubting whether God hears us or not. We prayed so hard and ask for something, but nothing seems to go according our way.

As this might be the case, do you know that all our prayers are answered by God? He always has an answer to all requests that we present to Him. These answers can be summarized into three; Yes, No, and not now.

The answer is “yes”

There is a good principle that we should remember when it comes to answered prayer. Psalms 84:11 says…

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The LORD will give grace and glory; NO GOOD THING WILL HE WITHOLD from those who walk uprightly.”

In this verse, we can conclude that God will not deprive us of the good things in life. It simply means that if our request will be good for us, then God will grant us our request. In most cases, He will even give us something that is good for us even if we haven’t asked for it.

The answer is “no”

In James 4:3, we read…

“You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasure.”

One of the reasons that the answer to our prayers is answered “NO” is that we ask amiss. Sometimes, with our selfish desires, we are blinded that we thought our requests is good.

For God to answer your prayer with a “Yes”, you must ask your self; “what is the motive behind my prayer?” If the answer to that question is for your selfish desire, then there is a high probability that God will answer no.

The answer is “not now”

A positive thing when given at the wrong time would simply result to negative results. You need to realize that God has a timetable. His timing is always perfect. It is never early, never late. We can be assured that God has a greater purpose with each answer He gives us to our prayers.

Final Word

In each prayer we present to God, we must constantly seek His will in our lives. If we surrender our lives into His loving hands, we can be assured that no matter what happens in this lifetime, God is always in complete control.

God’s will is perfect and you can never improve something that is already perfect. You just have to trust God and let Him take the wheel of your life, so to speak.

When we pray, God’s answer is always on its way, be it yes, no, or not now. Stay close to God and remember that God hears every prayer we make and in His INFINITE WISDOM, He knows best how to answer my prayer, your prayer, OUR prayer. So be strong, and be of good courage because God has something greater in store for you – greater than all what we could have asked for!

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