Scripture for the day: Is God Answering Your Prayer?

“You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend it in gratifying your lusts” (Jas 4:3). 

praying-handsDo you have a request to God that you wanted so bad that you prayed very hard with all your heart and with every ounce of your being and yet… God does not seem to listen to your prayers? We all have those times when we feel so helpless and sometimes frustrated that we come to the point that we question God – when the truth is, we should be asking OURSELVES.

Have you ever considered whether what you are asking from God is justifiable or even good for you? Though we reason hard that we have the good intentions and reasons for God to hear us, sometimes, our judgment is clouded by our selfish ambitions and motives. We covet so hard to have something that we forget whether it is good for others and even for ourselves.

In infinite wisdom and unfathomable existence, God determines whether our prayers will serve His will and purpose or not. God will always have three answers for our prayers; it can be yes, no, or not now.

If God is not answering our prayers, we must ask these questions:

  • Is my prayer motivated by wrong intentions?
  • Does my prayer directly contradict the commandments of God?
  • Will my prayer be good for others and my self, both for the short term and long term?

images (2)For example, if you wanted to get rich because you want to have a beautiful house, a car, nice gadgets, and earn the respect of others, then you might be creating a barrier between you and God. But take that prayer and honestly tell God that you want His blessing so that you can also help others through the blessings you receive, then God will most probably hear you (according to His will and purpose). I hope you can see the complete difference between these two prayers.

One good tip that I may recommend when you pray is to pray for others. Though it is not outright wrong to pray for yourselves, for your own safety, for blessings to come in our life, God will also be please if we take some time and offer a part of our life to others through praying for them. When God see the complete transformation of our prayers, to focus on others as well together with our personal concerns, I am sure that is the time when you will have an answered prayer.

Have you prayed for someone today?

At the end of it all, we must always ask God’s will to be done. Because our thoughts are not His thoughts, and our ways are not His ways and we can be certain that He only have GOOD things in store for us, we should TRUST God will all our hearts that our prayers are in good hands. Our prayers are now presented before the HOLY THRONE of GRACE and all things are within control of our loving God and father. So be at rest and let God direct your prayers.


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