Bees, Rain and Faith

One of my most unforgettable experiences.:)

Becoming Christians

That’s right! that is the title of my article. Quite confusing and you may wonder why. But let me tell you a story first and what I learned from my experience in United Youth Camp 2013!

As a counselor of our dorm, I woke up a bit earlier than everyone in our room. Wrapped in my thick blanket, I said my morning prayer and woke up the boys. It is time for our early morning discussion. After that, I told them that this is the day that we all been waiting for — the day we will conquer the wilderness and confidence course!

Everyone is excited, be it first timers or even those who have experienced this day before. What we are about to do that day is the much talked about activity, before and after camp. Everyone knows that it is the most challenging part of the camp and…

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