Chemical Attack on Syria: Where’s God in All These?

There is no word to express the deep sorrow and agony that go out for those people who are in dire circumstances as you are reading this blog. Recently, it was confirmed that the Syrian President Al-Assad used chemical weapon to his own people – people that are innocent and nothing to do with the civil strife happening to that region.


And now, we are bracing and anticipating on how the United States and other western countries respond to this evil act. I can’t help but wonder what will happen to next days, months, or years in this very chaotic region of the world.

You might have already seen images and videos of people actually dying from the chemical attack in Syria. The images are just devastating and crippling to our hearts. One can’t stop and ask how a human being can be so callous, heartless, and cold-blooded. Each of those more than 300 people who died on that morning has their own family, dreams to build, and love to cherish. How can a selfish man put to end to their lives and managed to look himself to the mirror. Such monster and atrocity can only be motivated by Satan himself.

Some of you might be asking; where is God in all these suffering? After all, He is referred to be the God of mercy and justice in the Bible. How can He permit such atrocity to happen? Are we to blame God for all the evil in the World?

I know these are hard questions to face but we must admit the fact that WE HAVE DONE THIS ON OURSELVES. The accumulated wrong decisions and the fatalities of human nature throughout the history have brought us all here. God wants us to see the lamentable result of human experiment and of deviating from His law of love.

God is not to blame. He is ever loving and merciful and I am sure that His heart is crushed as we destroy ourselves and heading to self-annihilation. The suffering in this world makes us more eager for the coming Kingdom of God. As we look at the sorrowful situation we are in, we recognize that this is not God’s world but Satan is currently ruling this planet (II Cor. 4:4).

There will come a time when God will finally step into the affairs of human being and every person who are willing to be subject to His rule will ultimately experience peace on Earth. Those 300+ people who have died on that fateful day along with all the people who have ever lived and died will be resurrected and given a chance by God to be part of His eternal family. That is the GOOD NEWS we are all waiting for.

As of now, all we should do is watch and pray (Luke 21:36). We are helpless and powerless in an international level but in a personal level, we can start to wield a strong personal relationship with our creator and experience His peace within this lifetime. May God speed the second coming of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ!

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