Discover how you can become a Hero of Faith!

Introducing, The Eleventh Chapter of Hebrews: A Christian’s Guide to Becoming a Hero of Faith!

Heb 11 3d - softbound

Do you ever wish you had a clear roadmap to becoming a man or woman of faith?


Perhaps you have struggled with the thought of losing faith in God.

Of course, being faithful is easy when things are going well. However, when calamity strikes or things are not going according to plan, how do you stay faithful to God?

Hi, I’m Joshua Infantado, author and founder of Becoming Christians.

Back when I was in high school, I have struggled to find my religious identity. My parents brought us up, together with my brother, with the fear of God. They have always taught us the value of doing God’s will in our lives.

However, we don’t have any church affiliation. We don’t go to church and would simply do our own thing during the Sabbath.

My parents had a business that consumes much of their time. They leave home before we wake up and would come home tired. We sometimes eat dinner together and would spend the rest of the night watching TV.

Like most Christians, I would say we are part of the lukewarm category. Not too hot. Not too cold. And I thought that’s enough.

Until one day, something changed my life.



I had the most unforgettable experience that I never thought would make a great impact. I joined a church summer camp and that’s when I learned more about God.

From then on, through different trials and triumphs, I learned to rely more on God and strengthen my faith in the process.

Throughout the years, I developed a stronger faith in God. Yes, it isn’t perfect. It doesn’t mean as well that I’m bulletproof against doubt and fear. But I have learned ultimately that God is always in control and nothing is too hard for Him to accomplish.

In the life of a Christian, there are just too many things that can make us question God. Perhaps you are battling a life-threatening disease. Maybe, your loved ones are suffering from financial problems. No matter what your issue in life is, faith is constantly tested.

The question now is, “Are you passing the test?”


My main purpose for this book is to help you develop a strong and immovable faith. I have gathered all the lessons I learned about how to stay faithful in this book.

I want to share these life-long lessons so you can also discover how to improve your faith right now – not next week, next month, or next year.

Since we are humans, we want to stay in control. We want to know the future. We want to be sure. We always want proof.

As the saying goes, “To see is to believe.” But for you, as a Christian, it must be, “To Believe is to see.”


No doubt; it is difficult to stay faithful especially when you are in the midst of darkness and every step of the way seems to be unsure.

When you are in your breaking point, how do you stay faithful?

How do you ensure that you don’t lose hope, that you will always keep believing God when everything around you is falling apart?

Where can you obtain your much-needed courage and strength?

I want to help you in this journey we call the Christian race. The Eleventh Chapter of Hebrews is designed to be every Christian’s guide to become a warrior of faith.

A Look Inside The Eleventh Chapter of Hebrews

This book focuses on the people mentioned in the Faith chapter, Hebrews 11. As you go through the chapters, you will discover the vital and profound lessons you can learn from each of these characters.

After reading their stories, their names won’t be just another name, but rather you would also remember how they became a warrior of faith and how you can be too.


By studying the lives of the spiritual giants in the Bible, including both the good and bad of their story, we get a complete picture of what it really takes to have a strong and immovable faith in God.

Here’s the quick look at the table of contents of this book:

Introduction | The Eleventh Chapter of Hebrews

Chapter One | Abel, a Short-Lived but Powerful Life of Faith

Chapter Two | Enoch: A Man Who Walked With God

Chapter Three | Noah: Living a Righteous Life in the Midst of a Wicked World

Chapter Four | Abraham: The Father of the Faithful

Chapter Five | Sarah: A Woman’s Journey from Doubt to Faith

Chapter Six | Isaac: A Man who Submitted to the Will of God

Chapter Seven | Jacob: From Selfishness to Faithfulness

Chapter Eight | Joseph: Suffering for Today, Rejoicing for Eternity

Chapter Nine | Moses: From a Proud Egyptian Prince to a Humble Servant of God

Chapter Ten | Rahab: Forsaking the Past Life of Sin for a Better Future in God’s Kingdom

Chapter Eleven | Gideon: Leading an Army of Faith

Chapter Twelve | Barak: A Fearful Warrior turned into a Hero in Israel

Chapter Thirteen | Samson: A Man who Learned Faith and Obedience the Hard Way

Chapter Fourteen | Jephthah: Rejected by Men, Accepted by God

Chapter Fifteen | David: A Man After God’s Own Heart

Chapter Sixteen | Samuel: Living a Life Completely Dedicated to God

Final Chapter| Becoming a Hero of Faith

About the Author

Each chapter of this book is pack with vital lessons – lessons, when applied, will tremendously change your life!Available-Now-on-Amazon-Buy-Now-Button-300x110

Is this book right for you?

This book is right for you if:

  1. You want to strengthen your faith in God.
  2. You want to learn what it takes to become a warrior of faith.
  3. You want to know more about the heroes of faith listed in Hebrews 11.
  4. You want to know exactly what to do when trials and tribulation get in your way.
  5. You’re a babe in Christ seeking to develop a closer relationship with God the Father.

eleventh chapter of hebrews footnote

Are you ready to become a hero of faith?

Hebrews 11 is popularly dubbed as the Faith Chapter. Rightfully so. It starts by defining faith and how faith is needed to please God and follow His commandments. The type of faith discussed in Hebrews 11 is not the mediocre, dead, and feel-good faith.

No, it’s more than that.

Hebrews 11 is talking about the living, powerful, and life-changing faith that has moved mountains and changed the course of history!

Now, do you want to have this kind of faith? Discover how by reading The Eleventh Chapter of Hebrews.

In this book, you will go through the lives of the faithful men and women listed in the Faith Chapter. From the life of righteous Abel to the adventures of the Prophet Samuel, you will exactly learn what it takes to stay faithful in God not just during the good times, but especially when the storms of life come crashing on you.

After reading this book, you will obtain valuable lessons and insights that will help you become a Christian ready to take on the different challenges in life.


These powerful lessons, when religiously applied, will dramatically TRANSFORM your faith. Reading this book is one of the best investments of your time that you will ever make!

From being fearful and filled with doubts, you will become a courageous and DETERMINED warrior of faith! You don’t have to live a faithless and hopeless existence.

You can start becoming a Faithful servant of God now and live a VICTORIOUS life!

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