Does God Exist? Here Are 7 Proofs That Will Strengthen Your Faith

Does God exist? If you are going to defend your faith, you need to know solid and undeniable pieces of evidence. To give you a headstart, let me share with you these 7 irrefutable proofs of God’s existence!

Here Are 7 Proofs That Will Strengthen Your Faith

The Bible clearly tells us, “the FOOL has said to his heart, “there is no God.”(Psalm 14:1)”.

If you a person tells you, “Can you prove to me God’s existence?” Can you provide a plausible answer? Can you provide an explanation of your belief based on fact and not blind faith? Do you have the necessary knowledge to even convince yourself that God exists?

I know each of us might have different answers. However, my main goal today is to present to you what I believe are strong pieces of evidence of God’s existence. Let me share with you seven of them.

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Evidence no. 1: Fulfilled Prophecies

There are many prophecies in the Bible that were amazingly and accurately fulfilled right to the letter. God challenges His skeptics through Isaiah:

“For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from the ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, “My counsel shall stand.’” (Isaiah 46:9-10).

There are no other books in the history of man that contains future events being revealed and its record of being fulfilled. Even the Muslim Quran, claiming to be the very word of God, does not contain the audacity to proclaim and fulfill prophecy.

If God indeed can predict the future even centuries before it comes to pass, then we have irrefutable and very strong evidence of God’s existence and our very salvation is at stake. The following are just some of the hundreds of prophecies found in the Bible fulfilled.

  • 70 Weeks Prophecy – Daniel 9:25-27 predicted the precise year when Jesus will appear as the Messiah. At exactly A.D. 27, Jesus Christ started his ministry. Daniel wrote this prophecy almost 600 years before Christ was born.
  • Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream – found in Daniel 2, God revealed to Daniel the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The dream is about a great image that has a head of gold, chest, and arms of silver, belly, and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet partly iron and clay. Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar that the head was his Babylonian Empire. The silver, bronze, and iron symbolize the three mighty empires that preceded Babylon. These empires are Medo-Persia, Greco-Macedonia, and the Roman Empire respectively.
  • Alexander the Great, Rise to Power – one of the most astounding and most detailed prophecies in the Bible is Daniel 11 where God inspired Daniel to write about the rise and the fall of Alexander the Great. Daniel 11 was so accurate that skeptics do not question the narrative but they will instead argue that it was written after the events happened!
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Evidence no. 2: Mental and Intellectual Capacity 

We do not have the largest brain among God’s creation and yet we are far more intelligent. We are the highest form of living things simply because we are created in the very image of God.

So what is it in man that cannot be found in animals?

It is God’s spirit dwelling in us. Animals do not possess this spirit. We are endowed by God with the ability to think and plan.

The theory of evolution exponentially falls short in explaining how we end up having the superior mind that can create and produced astounding results.

Evidence no. 3: No single error in the Originally Written Word of God

The inspired word of God is perfect and cannot be broken. It is the revealed and inspired word of the ALMIGHTY AND OMNIPOTENT SUPREME GOD OF THE UNIVERSE.

If the Bible contains even a single error, Christianity will collapse. Even skeptics who will claim there are errors in the Bible will have to face the fact that their claims will eventually pale down to mere heresies.

Evidence no. 4: Archaeology supports the veracity of the Bible

Of all ancient manuscripts, the Bible has the most archaeological findings that will prove its accuracy and authenticity.


You can go to the Internet or read written publications that will show ancient artifacts. These artifacts make the Bible an IRREFUTABLE manuscript and that it is the very word of the LIVING GOD.

Evidence no 5: Institution of Marriage

Have you seen animals marrying themselves? What a ridiculous question, right?

Ever wondered how marriage came into being and it is practiced by people in almost all tribes, tongues, race, and ethnicity? The Bible reveals that it is God who instituted marriage from the beginning.

God designed marriage between man and wife to be a source of blessing and enjoyment.

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Evidence no. 6: The Creation

From the simplest form of life to the most complex, we can see the fingerprint of a Master Designer. Many documentaries were already made to prove that life here on Earth is impossible if even a single law of nature is altered.

These laws are set in motion by God.

Isn’t it amazing, whether we look at the tiniest element found on earth or the limitless expanse of the universe, we see a world of amazing discoveries!

Even the renowned atheist Anthony Flew admitted that there is a creator when he cannot comprehend the intricate and sophisticated properties of the DNA.

Our world did not come into being by the Big Bang Theory or the Theory of Evolution. Both of these theories cannot satisfactorily explain the beginning of time. That is the main reason that it remained to be a mere theory or better yet, a hoax and fallacy formulated as an attempt to discredit God.

In fact, it takes more faith to believe in the theory of evolution than the existence of God.

Evidence no. 7: God’s way is the ONLY WAY that works!

Every human being has experimented and gone on their way seeking the best road towards happiness. However, most have failed and suffered loss and disappointments. Not everyone realizes that the best way to live this life is written in the Living Word of God. Even if they know, they would still refuse to follow what God has said in the Bible.

God didn’t leave us in the dark. He didn’t simply create and left us on our own to do the guesswork. Because of His great love, He shows us the way through His written Word. He gave us the Bible as the manual on how to live this life.

If you blow away the dust on your Bible and sincerely and earnestly learn what it says, you will soon realize that most of mankind’s answers to life’s greatest questions can be found here.

Imagine if all people will just follow the TEN COMMANDMENTS; no more divorce, abortion, broken family, corruption, war, conflicts, and all the negative things here on Earth! What a remarkable world should it had been!

Now, I said that this is evidence of God’s existence. The moral code written in the Bible isn’t something that any human can come up out of thin air. It is divinely revealed and it is only God who can give it to us.

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The Conclusion?

GOD DOES EXIST! He is the Living Almighty God. There is hope beyond this life. Don’t  Don’t let the Theory of Evolution reduce your life’s purpose into simply living a short amount of time and soon be food to the worms.

Life without God is like a broken pencil – it is pointless.

In line to this, I highly recommend you read this free booklet entitled, “Life’s Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?

I recognize that no amount of evidence will convince a person who simply refuse to see the obvious. As Paul pointed out, man has no excuse to see the proofs of God’s existence. The truth is, the evidence of God is found all around us. The problem is that most people would rather turn a blind eye, prevent a Supreme God to tell them what to do, and simply go on with their sinful ways.

There will be coming a time that every knee shall bend at the return of Yahshua or popularly known as Jesus Christ and every tongue shall confess that He is our Ruler.

May God hasten that coming!

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9 thoughts on “Does God Exist? Here Are 7 Proofs That Will Strengthen Your Faith

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  5. Regarding No 3: “No single error in the originally written Word of God.” Biblical manuscripts have been textually criticized not so much by skeptics as by theologians notably Bart Ehrman in his book “Misquoting Jesus”. Mr Ehrman shows how, why and where unintentional and intentional errors abound in the New Testament. For example, unintentinnal errors were made by incompetent scribes, human error by a scribe not adding text because he/she thought he/she had added it, difficulty in translation and in rendering oral tradition to written text etc. Examples of intentional errors are: later additions not in the original texts to promote ecclesiastical politics, changing texts to deemphasize the role of women, translating a text to what the translator thought the meaning should be rather than what the text actually said, not adding text because the scribe disagreed with it, etc. The science of textual criticizem attempts to reconstruct the text as best it can with procedures for comparing diverging text but it realizes one major obstacle that the many of the original texts are lost and all they have is copes of copies so there is no possible way they can compare the the copies with the lost originals so if there are errors in the earliest copies, well then we are stuck. Of interest, is Mr Ehrman’s paragraph where he quotes from a letter of Paul to (?) where Paul says “in my earlier letter to you…” Of that earlier letter unfortunately we do not have the original or copies which is truly a shame.
    On the flip side there are two noteworthy authors Edward Andrews in his book “Misrepresenting Jesus” and Timothy Paul Jones “Misquoting Truth” both attempt to show some fallacies in Mr. Ehrman book. I have not read either one but intend to do so.


    • Hi Mark!

      My point no 3 mentioned that the original text was the one that is infallible. Sadly, we have a lot of Bible translations and not all of them are translated the correct way. Not only that, but the source of these translations may not even be inspired by God. Thankfully, about 90% of the Bible word for word translations are accurate.


  6. If God indeed can predict the future even centuries before it comes to pass, then we have irrefutable and very strong evidence of God’s existence and our very salvation is at stake. So, why was God disappointed in his creation, to the point that He had to destroy the known world in the Flood, as described in Genesis 6:6. It said there that God repented that He made man. Didn’t He know how man was going to turn out? Wasn’t God able to predict the future when He made man?


    • Hi Eileen,

      That’s a good question.

      God is all knowing and powerful. He definitely knows what the future holds.

      Sometimes, the Bible writes things in a way we can understand. God was sorry because He can just see the suffering in the world.

      God knew we will fail. That’s why, Yahshua or Jesus Christ was already destined to die for our sins (Revelation 13:8).

      So, why would God still create us when He knew we will fail? It is because God wants to create a Family that includes you and me.

      Although we fail, Christ is there to pay the death penalty of sin. Thus, we live a godly life so that we can become part of God’s Kingdom.

      I’m hoping write an article about this in future.



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