3 Points on How to Live Life to the Fullest!

Do you believe that time is gold? Well, for me, I somewhat do not believe that because it is a total understatement. No, time is not gold because one can buy gold BUT NOT TIME. Once it is lost, it is lost forever.


Time is a perishable good.

You could never bring it back.

Even the richest dying man combines all the sum total of his wealth cannot buy a single second to extend his life.

Time is the most extravagant luxury on how we ought to spend and manage our time wisely.

So for this reason, I want to share with you three points on how to make the most of every second of your time.

First Point: Never Procrastinate


To “procrastinate” means to delay, defer from action, or to postpone.

One of the greatest crime mankind has ever committed is to kill time.

We are too familiar with the saying “do not put off tomorrow what you can do for today”. And yet every once in a while we are guilty of this. We became too short sighted. We “play” first and delay our work, forgetting the fact that the consequences of procrastination are very REAL AND DESTRUCTIVE. So act now!

Second Point: Make a To-Do-List


A to-do-list, as its name implies, is a series of items or concerns you need to attend to. This involves planning and prioritization because all tasks have its own certain degree of importance and urgency. This is one way to be organized and avoid waste of time and energy.

It would be better if you would write it on paper instead of a mental picture of what you wished to do. This will help you to avoid those “oh, I forgot!” situations which are, if not always, very inconvenient.

As you go on your list, you developed a sense of fulfillment and afterwards, there is only one thing you can do, but to savor and enjoy your free time after a day’s hard work. This is a great way to relax or to play without that guilt feeling. All these will add up to making you feel better and relieved.

Third Point: Invest time in Relationship

In this very fast-paced world, we tend to lose focus on the more important things. We are too preoccupied on enjoying the conveniences offered by technological advancement which promised us more time but PARADOXICALLY, it only steal precious moments out of our lives and made us lose our mindset on the more essential things.

images (4)

What really occupies our life?

Is it spending countless hours in front of the TV?

Is it the meaningless internet surfing and gaming?

Or are we just too obsessed with money making?

Remember, this one thing holds true: we spend our time on the things we view as important and precious to us. The television, laptop, computer monitor, and money CANNOT HUG US BACK. It is only the warm, breathing real person that can hold your hand.

So go out there make friends, reach out for others, spend more time with your family, love more, smile more, be a blessing and never forget the relationship you have with God.

Only then, you’ll find meaning in your life. You will soon realize that the most important things in this world are not things at all but they are the people who make your life worth living for!

So what Now?


Our life is like an hour glass with the upper portion covered. You only know how much sand had already trickled down but you do not know how much sand you have left.

No one of us here have the guarantee that we can still be among the living and greet the morning sun tomorrow or next week, next month, or next year.

This fact of life behooves us to consider and meditate on how we spend our time.

I sincerely hope that all of us will learn to value our time and together, let us live our life to the fullest!

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