10 Biggest Lies Your Pastor Probably Had Told You

10 Biggest Lies Your Pastor Probably Had Told You

Lies are everywhere and it can even be found in your church. Could your pastor be lying to you all along? Could you be deceived? The truth may shock you! Read on and discover the truth!

5 Stupid Reasons People Leave the Church

Most statistics today would tell us that more than 50% of people are now leaving the church. Not only that but a big part of that are the youths. 

There is a growing trend today that more and more people in this world have become irreligious. Many of them just come and go and never really letting their religion make an impact in their lives.

For them, religion now is irrelevant in their lives.

The majority of the people leaving the church leave for the wrong reasons. Before you ever decide to leave the church, consider these five stupid reasons first.

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