Why You Should be a Cheerful Giver

[NEW VIDEO] Why be a Cheerful Giver?

Did you know that the Bible tells us that God loves a cheerful giver? However, it’s not always easy to be cheerful when giving, right? Thankfully, in this video, you and I will go through the Bible and explore what it truly means to become a cheerful giver!

What did Jesus Teach About Giving? Understanding Matthew 6:1-4

Jesus Christ taught us about the proper way of giving. We read His teaching on Matthew 6:1-4.

However, do you really understand what Matthew 6:1-4 mean? Do you have the right attitude when you give something? Most importantly, do you want to know how to give in such a way that God is pleased?

In this blog, let us take a deeper look at what Matthew 6:1-4 mean and understand Christ’s teaching about giving.