Book Review: A Commentary on the Psalms by Allen Ross

Are you looking for the best book for you to better understand the book of Psalms? If yes, then you won’t regret considering A Commentary on the Psalms by Allen Ross. In this post, let us take a look at this book and see if it is the right one for you.

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The book in three sentences

A Commentary on the Psalms is a set of three books. Dr. Ross discusses the meaning, purpose, application, and historical background of each Psalm from Chapters 1 to 150. The book allows you to see Psalms in a whole new light.

Who is Allen Ross?

Allen Ross, the author of Commentary of the Psalms, has the needed educational background to help you improve your knowledge about the book of Psalms. He has attained his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge.

His career background includes teaching in the Dallas Theological Seminary and Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry.

He has also written other books such as the following:

Book Summary

There are a lot of things you will learn from this book. These are the following:

  • Value of the Psalms
  • Text and Ancient Versions of the Psalms
  • History of Psalms
  • Interpretation of Biblical Poetry
  • Theology of the Psalms
  • Exposition of the Psalms

The exposition of Psalms is something that you will love. In this section, Allen Ross goes through each of the chapters and invites the readers to learn the deeper meaning of the words and messages of Psalms.

Who should read this book?

Practically, everyone should read this book. However, pastors, Bible students, and teachers would especially benefit from reading A Commentary on the Psalms.

Why should you read A Commentary on the Psalms by Allen Ross?

The Book of Psalms has been a source of inspiration, teaching, prophecy, and worship for many of us — from the ancient to modern people. There’s no doubt that Psalms, being the longest book in the Bible, is a minefield of wisdom, practical insights, and doctrinal teachings.

Here are some of the reasons you should read this book:

  • You will learn how to decipher and better understand the textual difficulties you might find in Psalms.
  • You will better understand the poetic language used from the perspective of the Hebrew language.
  • You will discover how grammar and syntax give you a deeper understanding of each word, phrase, expression, and statement used by King David and other writers.

Dig deeper into the book of Psalms

If you want to have a better understanding of the book of Psalms, then Allen Ross’s Commentary on the Psalms should be part of your study. There are just so many things you will learn from this book. 

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