30 Best Christian Books for Children December 2023

Are you looking for the best Christian books for children in December 2023? If yes, then you came to the right place. In this post, let us go through the books that will surely be a great read for Christian children.

Best Christian books for Children
Best Christian books for children December 2023

What are Christian books for children?

As its name suggests, Christian books for children are books written and designed for children with a Christian theme. These books may include a range of stories, illustrations, games, and themes that come from the Bible. 

Christian books for children are unique because they don’t simply entertain or tell stories, but they also teach vital moral lessons to kids.

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Why choose Christian books for kids?

There are different reasons you should buy a Christian book for young children. Here are some of them:

  • Christian books are great tools to teach biblical values and principles.
  • Books with a Christian theme help kids know God at a young age.
  • Christian books are specially designed for children and so, they can keep your kids interested and engaged.
  • Christian books for young kids are great investments.
  • Christian books can be shared or passed down to your next child or gifted to other kids whom you know will benefit from the books.

How the Children’s books for Christians were chosen

So, in this list, I have featured 30 of the best Christian books for children. This list is updated every first day of the month or around that time. 

The books are enumerated from the top 30 to the top 1. So, it’s a countdown of the best Children’s books for Christians.

The books here are ranked according to the number of sales. So, you can say, this is also a list of the best-selling Christian books for children.

The ranking of these books is based on Amazon’s best-seller in Christian books for children. If you like, you can also check and open that link. The Amazon list is updated every hour.

The best Christian books for December 2023

Top 30 Christian books for children comparison table December 2023

If you want to get a quick overview of the best Christian books featured on this list, I have prepared a table that you can use to compare the books. You can compare based on ranking, title, description, reading age, publication date, and print length.

RankBook titleDescriptionReading agePrint lengthPublication dateReviews
#30Bedtime Prayers Praying Hands Board BookA book shaped like a praying hand.1-5 years10 pagesFebruary 4, 2020590+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#29The Purpose Driven Life Devotional for Kids365-day devotional for children 8 to 128 – 12 years384 pagesOctober 6, 2015 1,300+ Amazon reviews
#28The Beginner’s Bible All About Jesus Sticker and Activity BookStories come with fun coloring pages and stickersBaby – 4 years 48 pagesAugust 4, 2015 1,460+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#27The Garden, the Curtain and the CrossIllustration of Bible stories, from creation to Christ’s life 4 – 8 years 32 pagesFebruary 23, 2016 1,520+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#26It Will be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and ChangeTrusting God Through Fear and Change (Little Seed & Little Fox)4 – 8 years 32 pagesOctober 14, 2014 1,490+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#25Baby’s First Book of PrayersComes with 41 prayers for children2 – 5 years 96 pagesSeptember 1, 2002 2,940+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#24Near: Psalm 139A new board book in a soft padded format that details Psalm 139Baby – 4 years 20 pagesJanuary 5, 2021 240+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#23Little One, God Made You SpecialA book that shows how each little children are made by God6 – 8 years 14 pagesMay 3, 2016 1,240+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#22God Bless You and Good NightA bedtime story for little onesBaby – 4 years 20 pagesSeptember 17, 2013 4,250+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#21You Are SpecialAn inspiring story by Max Lucado4 – 7 years 32 pagesJuly 30, 1997 3,790+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#20When I Hold YouA book that captures the mother-child bond1 – 4 years 24 pagesMay 4, 2021 50+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#19Baby’s First Bible Boxed SetThe Story of Moses, The Story of Jesus, Noah’s Ark, and Adam and Eve (Bible Stories)1 – 3 years Multiple booksFebruary 28, 2012 2,070+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#18Notes From JesusWhat Your New Best Friend Wants You to Know6 years and up 64 pagesFebruary 1, 2018 1,240+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#17 When God Made the WorldA book about the Creation week3 – 7 years48 pagesJanuary 28, 202015,000+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#16I Prayed for YouThis book reveals how deep a mother’s love for her child can goBaby – 4 years 20 pagesNovember 3, 2015 4,440+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#15This I KnowSeeing God in the World He Made (based on Jesus Loves Me) 2 – 7 years 32 pagesOct 1, 2020600+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#14Jesus Loves Me 5-Button SongbookFun book that comes with stories, songs, and music2 – 7 years12 pagesJan 15, 20194,100+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#13The Action BibleIncludes more than 230 narratives of the Bible illustrated in modern drawings9 – 11 years832 pagesSept 1, 20203,700+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#12Indescribable100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science (Indescribable Kids)6 – 10 years208 pagesOct 10, 20176,990+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#11 When I Pray for You This book captures the wonderful and sentimental feeling of watching babies grow3 – 7 years48 pagesFeb 19, 20196,340+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#10What Is God Like?This book helps in introducing God to children.3 – 8 years40 pagesJun 15, 2021900+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#9 The Bible Made Easy – for Kids A book of fun-filled, informative journey to understand the Bible and apply it to their lives9 – 12 years378 pagesJanuary 1, 20147,200+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#8 The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible Comes with more than 300 beautiful pages that illustrations various scenes in the Bible 5 – 8 years 608 pages Jul 1, 20146,820+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#7When God Made YouThis book will inspire kids to explore and use their God-given gifts3 – 7 years 48 pagesFebruary 28, 2017 14,470+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#6How Great Is Our God100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science (Indescribable Kids)6 – 10 years208 pagesNov 5, 2019 4,600+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#5Kindness is my SuperpowerA children’s Book About Empathy, Kindness and CompassionBaby – 11 years38 pagesJul 27, 20202,200+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#4Any Time, Any Place, Any PrayerA True Story of How You Can Talk With God (Tales That Tell the Truth)4-8 years32 pagesSep 1, 2021Read Amazon reviews
#3Adventure BibleFull color Bible for kids7-11 years1472 pagesJune 25, 20134,700+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#2The Jesus Storybook BibleTeaches children about God’s never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever Love4 – 11 years 352 pagesMarch 1, 2007 8,670+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#1God Gave Us YouThis book shows how children are blessings from God3 – 7 years 40 pagesSeptember 19, 2000 15,920+ Amazon reviews ⭐
Best Christian Books for Children December 2023

30. Bedtime Prayers Praying Hands Board Book

As parents or parents in the Lord, it is very important to nurture our children’s spiritual life from their earliest years. Enjoy fun and prayerful bedtimes with the Little Sunbeams’ Bedtime Prayers board book. 

This book is uniquely shaped like praying hands and is filled with classic and modern prayers, catchy rhymes, and fun and vibrant illustrations that kids will surely love and, at the same time, would teach them about the beauty and importance of prayer.

29. The Purpose Driven Life Devotional for Kids

The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren is a quintessential book for Christian adults filled with powerful messages about our identity and purpose in life, however, these themes are just as important and relevant to kids as they are to adults. 

Pastor Rick saw this and was convicted by God to write a new version for children (from 8-12 years old) called The Purpose Driven Life: Devotional for Kids. This wonderful hardback book holds 365-day devotionals filled with bite-sized readings that will inspire our young ones to know and understand their identity and roles as children of God.

28. The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers

We as parents or parents in the Lord, should help our children grow in their spiritual life, teach them to have a prayerful heart, and show them how to live a life guided by the truth.

The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers by Little Blessings follows best friends Kaitlyn, Zoe, Parker, and Jack in a fun and inspiring journey through life with God that will truly inspire children to know and fall even more in love with God every day. 

This picture book is complete with 365 scripture-laced devotions, a complementary Bible verse, and a sweet and simple rhyming prayer perfect to be read before they hit the hay.

27. The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule

“Do to others what you would have them do to you. (Matthew 7:12)”- this is one important life lesson every child has to grow by. Follow Stan and Jan Berenstain with the Berenstain Bears as they talk about the lessons of Matthew 7:12 and how it can be applied in our daily life in The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule from the Zonderkidz Living Lights book series. 

This book will help you introduce the golden rule to your young ones in a fun and engaging way as it features important conversations about doing what is right along with colorful hand-drawn illustrations of the Berenstain Bear family.

26. When God Made the World

The Creation is one of the most wondrous, fantastical stories we can find in the Bible which is why it is a favorite of many Christian kids. Matthew Paul Turner rewrites the whimsical story in Genesis into a fun rhythmic book with bright and beautiful illustrations by Gillian Gamble that children will surely love and enjoy. 

When God Made the World introduces a poetic version of The Creation that kids will find exciting, they will easily understand and will help them appreciate the history of the world, every creature, and the immense power of God.

25. The Beginner’s Bible All About Jesus Sticker and Activity Book

A terrific way for kids to learn about the life of Jesus Christ and have much fun at the same time is with the All About Jesus sticker and activity book from The Beginner’s Bible. 

Have your kids enjoy 16 pages of Jesus’ stories with corresponding activities, puzzles, and mazes, and over 50 reusable stickers that kids will surely enjoy. This book is specially made for kids (3-7 years old) to learn more about God the Son and the different Biblical lessons we can get from His life in a way that is easy and appealing to them.

24. The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

Everyone deserves to learn about God and His selflessness on the cross to save us from all our unrighteousness. Teach this important truth of Jesus’ sacrifice to your little ones with The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross by Carl Laferton.

This fantastically illustrated hardback book for kids introduces the story behind the greatest love story- Jesus’ death on the stake, the resurrection, and the victory of salvation — through a journey in the Garden of Eden with God’s new creation.

23. It Will be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change

Growing up and experiencing even the most subtle of changes in different aspects of life can be quite intimidating and scary for our little ones so we must help them build up their courage and overcome these fears through a strong faith in God.  

It Will be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change by best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst uses the metaphor of a little seed, a little fox, and a farmer to teach kids how to take on brand-new circumstances and how we should not be afraid because God is always with us. This picture storybook is a great way to help motivate our kids, especially those who are struggling with anxiety, bullying, losing a loved one, or coping with sudden changes in their life.

22. Baby’s First Book of Prayers

If you’re looking for an adorable prayer book to read to your newborn or toddler, Baby’s First Book of Prayers by Melody Carlson is just the right one for you.

This book contains 41 short and sweet prayers complemented with cute illustrations that your kids can carry with them as they grow up. Even at an early age, it is important that they start to grow an appreciation for prayer and connecting with God, and this prayer book is made for the job.

21. Near: Psalm 139

The powerful message of Psalm 139 is now captured by best-selling author Sally Lloyd-Jones into beautiful, uplifting poetic texts made especially for kids to easily understand and enjoy.

Near: Psalm 139 is an amazing book filled with empowering lyrical passages inspired by the Words of God in the said Psalm which begins with, “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me”. These empowering texts are partnered with adorable illustrations that will teach children about the assuring truth that God will never leave their side and will always be with them wherever they may go.

20. Little One, God Made You Special

This beautifully made illustrated book by Amy Warren Hilliker is a great way to remind your young ones how unique they are in their way and that even with our differences from each other, God loves us all equally. 

Little One, God Made You Special contains sweet, rhyming texts paired with vibrant artistic illustrations that all together share the positive message of individuality and God’s equitable love. Little ones will have a delightful time with this book so get them one now!

19. God Bless You and Good Night

God Bless You and Good Night by Hannah Hall is a classic when it comes to Christian bedtime stories. With sweet and funny rhymes and cute illustrations on every page of different animals getting ready for bed, this book is a lovely way to remind your kids how much they are loved and the security they get from God’s love.

This adorable book is perfect to be read before your little ones hit the hay which will make them feel special and inspired until they wake for a new day.

18. You Are Special

In the metaphorical town of Wemmickville, there lived a Wemmick named Punchinello who felt like he was a mistake and was worthless unlike every other Wemmick in town. However, after meeting his creator (a woodcarver), he then learned that he was made as special as every other Wemmick just the way he was and that his worth is not from how other people in Wemmickville saw him. 

Max Lucado takes us into the heartwarming metaphor of Punchinello’s life in You Are Special that will teach our little ones about the important truth of the value that cannot be changed or taken away by any other person and that we can only find in God alone.

17. When I Hold You

In this soul-stirring book by Ashley Huffstutler, she captures beautifully on every page the powerful message of God’s love that we can experience from the affection of other people, particularly from the tender love and care of our mothers. 

When I Hold You carries lovely pieces of poetry and expressive illustrations made to encourage mothers and their children to acknowledge God whose love binds them together. This book is just the perfect story to read for affirmation and to help our children realize how loved and special they are.

16. Baby’s First Bible Boxed Set

This Baby’s First Bible Boxed Set by Roger Priddy captures the most iconic stories of different Bible characters into bite-sized books made especially for children to easily digest and enjoy. 

This set includes four storybooks in a convenient slip-case: The Story of Moses, The Story of Jesus, Noah’s Ark, and Adam and Eve. Each book introduces all of these well-known Bible stories and characters using simple and understandable language paired with fun and vibrant illustrations which makes it a fun way for kids to know and learn about the lives of these sacred characters.

15. Indescribable

The world truly is a wonderful, fantastical creation that can be summed up in one word: Indescribable. This book by Louie Giglio introduces the majesty of creation to our little ones that will surely help them appreciate more the power and might of their God. 

Indescribable is a bright and fun illustrated book filled with 100 devotions about God’s creativity with the Science of our planet and all creatures and even engaging hands-on activities that kids will truly love and, at the same time, learn from.

14. Notes From Jesus

Every kid should know that they have got a friend in Jesus and that, as the ideal best friend, he will always be there ready to help and listen to their troubles. Teach your kids this truth with Notes From Jesus: What Your New Best Friend Wants You to Know, a fun-filled book that carries Jesus’ messages to us (His Friends) about friendship and life. 

Every note tackles different topics, answering different questions from “What happens when I mess up?” to “Is it okay to pray with my eyes open?” paired with bright illustrations that will truly guide our little ones as they grow.

13. When I Pray for You

One wholesome, affirming book that will remind your kids how much their loved ones love and care for them is When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul Turner. 

This amazing book is a simple yet heartening book filled with lyrical, whimsical poems and fun illustrations that your little ones will love and enjoy. It explains all the greatest dreams, hopes, and longings of every parent or parent in the Lord for their child that will make them feel loved and special as they go through life.

12. How Great Is Our God

Space and time, earth and weather, the human body, animals, plants – these are only some of the most wonderful proofs we can see in our world today that our God is truly great.

How Great Is Our God is another whimsical, fantastic work by Louie Giglio that carries 100 devotions about God and science paired with bright and beautiful illustrations and pictures, and fun activities that will spark their curiosity and help them appreciate God’s immense power and control over everything.

11. Kindness is my Superpower

Kindness and compassion are some of the most important skills a child should be taught and grow by even at their earliest age. Introduce the true superpower of goodness to your little one with Kindness is my Superpower by Alicia Ortego.

This fun, lesson-filled illustrated book with catchy rhyming texts follows the main character, Lucas, as he learns and understands kindness and teaches us how important the power of love and compassion is. 

10. The Bible Made Easy – for Kids

This fun and interesting book by Dave Strehler is such a great way for young ones to learn about God and the Bible enjoyably and engagingly. 

The Bible Made Easy – for Kids is an informative, conversational-style book that carries Biblical truths and lessons along with loads of line drawings waiting to be colored. It is just simply kid-friendly and an entertaining way to know God more through His Word and learn how to use His life lessons and apply them to ourselves.

9. The Action Bible

Take a thrilling trip through God’s redemptive story in the Bible with The Action Bible. Exciting is an understatement for this comic-style storybook with 230 fast-paced narratives in chronological order accompanied by Sergio Cariello’s amazing graphic art. 

This book is such a unique yet sensational way of storytelling to teach kids about the history of God’s presence in the world through Jesus Christ and the other great heroes we all know and love from the Bible.

8. Jesus Loves Me 5-Button Songbook

Fun and interactive- this Jesus Loves Me songbook from Little Sunbeams is the perfect way to teach our young ones some easy and meaningful Christian songs.

This book is simply terrific with buttons you can press on a wooden side panel that plays the songs for your kids to learn and sing along. In addition to this, each button has a unique icon that corresponds to a page in the book with the song’s lyrics making it lovable and enjoyable. 

7. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible

There is nothing else Christian parents want more than to see their child grow with a love for the Lord and the Bible. Spark this love and begin your little one’s Christian journey with The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible.

This remarkable book by Janice Emmerson gathers all the stories in the Bible and rewrites them into two-page simplified texts with beautiful illustrations, making it easier for kids to understand and absolutely fun to read.

6. I Prayed for You

Jean Fischer’s I Prayed for You is an incredible book that captures the heartwarming message of parental love on every page. It follows the story of a mother bear and the child she had always been praying for and how she continued to pray for his every little step and all her little one’s firsts.

With 10 catchy rhyming prayers paired with beautifully drawn vibrant illustrations, this book is such an amazing Christian book for children that spreads a positive message on how parents care, pray, and long for all the best for their little ones.

5. Baby’s First Bible Stories Padded Board Book

Young as they are, it is necessary, as Christian parents, for us to teach our children about the wonders of God and the amazing history of different people in the Bible. In a simple yet fun and bright way to introduce some of these timeless stories to your baby or toddler with Baby’s First Bible Stories by Rachel Elliot.

This padded board book holds 12 iconic Bible stories written to be easily understood by our young ones and paired with the beautiful illustrations of Caroline Williams and a sweet prayer at the end, perfect to be read as you tuck your little ones to sleep.

4. When God Made You

The truth that our children are unique and special in their ways and that they’re all equally loved should be embedded in their hearts as they grow and face the reality of life. 

Matthew Paul Turner in When God Made You will capture our hearts and attention with sweet rhyming texts partnered with David Catrow’s fun and vibrant illustrations that all spread the positive message of value and worth. This book is a perfect reminder you can give to your kids that they are all equally precious in your and God’s eyes.

3. The Jesus Storybook Bible

Every child deserves to know the wonders of God’s unchanging love and grow an appreciation for this through the timeless Bible stories that all reveal how loving God is even from the beginning of time.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally-Lloyd Jones is a remarkable storybook that holds 44 illustrated stories from the Old and New Testament and writes them in a simple way that our kids will enjoy and easily digest. In this book, the author wants to share how every one of these stories points to God and shows His immense love for the world including our little ones.

2. God Gave Us You

“Where did I come from?”- this is one of the most common questions our children will ask and it is essential for us, parents or parents in the Lord, to let them know that they are our precious gifts from heaven. When Mama Bear was asked this question, she assured her Baby Bear that he was a treasure given by God and that every child of every parent in the world is equally precious and loved.

Teach this truth to your young ones through the story of Mama Bear in God Gave Us You by Lysa Tawn Bergen, a beautifully illustrated bedtime storybook that captures the heartening message of value to help your children build their self-esteem.

1. The Beginner’s Bible

When looking for a quintessential Christian storybook that would teach your young ones about God and the Bible, look no further because The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories is the right book for the job.

This book carries over 90 clear and easily understandable stories paired with stunning and vibrant illustrations that will surely capture the attention of your little ones as they read the wonder-filled stories. Every child should have this book as it is a fun and enjoyable way to learn about God and grow a lasting love for Him through the different characters in the Bible from Noah to Jonah and so on.

Choose the best Christian books for children December 2023

There you have it! That’s our list of the best books for Christian children. Go back here every month because we update this list every time the month changes. Better yet, bookmark this page so you get updated whenever new exciting books are added to this list.

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