Can Women be Pastors? [In-Depth Bible Study]

What does the Bible say about women serving as pastors or preachers?

In this video, you will learn the truth about female pastors and whether God approves it or not.

One of the most controversial topics that are plaguing the churches today is women preachers. More and more Christian churches accept the new teaching that women can lead the flock of God.

While the world of Christianity is confused about this topic, you don’t have to be. In this video, you will discover the truth. Here are the parts of the video:

  • Who are the famous female pastors today
  • The role of women in the Old Testament
  • The role of women in the New Testament
  • How did Christ treat women
  • The clear instructions against female pastors
  • Understanding the instruction of Paul
  • What does it mean for women to be silent in the church?
  • What are the reasons God forbids women to pastoral role?
  • What women can do in church
  • Possible objections to God’s instruction
  • What happens when women lead the church?
  • Final words

As you can see, there are just so many things you’ll learn in this in-depth Bible study on the topic of women pastors.

Don’t miss this important chance to learn the truth straight from the Book of books!


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