If Jesus is perfect, how did He live as a child?

Have you ever wondered how Yahshua, or popularly known as Jesus Christ, grew up as a child?

If He is perfect during His adult life, then we can be sure that He is perfect when He was a boy.

Did He ever cry?

Did He had diseases?

What games did He play?

Did He ever bruised Himself?

Did He go to school?

These are interesting questions that you should ask yourself. You know why? Because knowing the answer to these questions will help you better understand how Jesus was both man and God. It teaches us how He became the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

For this reason, I highly recommend you check out my latest content entitled, “What was Jesus like as a child?”:

Click here to read the blog.

Click here to watch the video.

Discover how Jesus grew up and learn how He became the perfect sacrifice for our sins!

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