Help Us Save Our Pastor

Dear friends, readers, and family,

We need your help.

Our pastor, Edmond Macaraeg, sadly suffered a stroke. We prayed hard for the Almighty to heal him and we are very thankful that our prayers are being heard so far.

Our pastor is a practical man who doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone. Even when he was still healthy, he repeatedly told us not to bring him to the hospital in case he gets sick. He would rather stay home and be with his family.

However, in the following hours after his stroke, his situation worsened. The family can’t bear to watch our pastor be in pain. Thus, he was brought to the hospital.

He is slowly regaining his strength and motor function. However, as you know, hospital bills can easily pile up. This is where we would like to ask for your help.

The initial estimate for the medical bill is around $5,000. This is more than what the family can bear. That’s why we would appreciate any amount that you can send.

To give you an idea, here’s a picture of me and my wife with our pastor and his wife during their 50th wedding anniversary:

Our pastor’s family set up a GoGetFunding campaign. I hope you can donate and help us help our pastor. We are already doing our best to support the family, but we might still need additional help.

Here’s the link to the funding campaign:

Saving Ed Macaraeg Medical Fund

To give you a better background, let me just include here the campaign story of the funding needed:

Our Dad, Edmond Macaraeg, suffered a stroke around midnight, Friday, August 5, 2022.

The tests initially show that he had an ischemic stroke that had affected the left side of his brain. Upon further tests, it has been determined that he had a cardioembolic stroke (a blood clot that shot up from his heart to his brain) and is also battling pneumonia.

Dad is a frugal and practical-minded man. He would rather suffer at home and be with his family than spend money on himself at a hospital. However, our family cannot bear to see him in pain, and we still want him to be around for several more years to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He has 7 children with 18 grandchildren (3 of whom he has not physically met yet).

Dad’s legacy has always been that of whole-hearted and faithful devotion to the Almighty regardless of the cost – be it his health or opportunities for wealth. He does not have any earthly treasure or financial insurance, but his faith is worth its weight in heavenly gold. He walks by faith, not by sight.

Our family, extended family, and families of local church brethren have shouldered the initial cost of admittance and testing. However, as we all know, hospital costs can add up very quickly.

Based upon billing to date (Wednesday, 8/10/22), we project a 5-day stay (with his release on Friday, 8/12/22) to be approximately $5,000.00 (USD).

Our family would like you to join us in honoring our Dad by helping him live and regain his quality of life once again. It is our prayer that his journey to health is speedy. If you are able, your help in covering these expenses would be a true blessing to our dad, Edmond Macaraeg.

Thank you so much for the outpouring of your love and prayers.

Saving Ed Macaraeg Medical Fund

I hope you can help. Any amount would really be appreciated.

Above all, please help us in praying for our pastor’s speedy recovery and that God would heal Him according to His will and purpose.

If ever you decide to help, please let me know and I’ll send you copies of my eBooks for free as a token of appreciation.

With that said, I thank you in advance for your help.



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