Does the universe prove or disprove God’s existence?

Back in the 50s, the prevalent thinking of people is that the more we know about the universe, the more we are going to disprove God’s existence.

Fast forward to today, we are seeing the opposite.

How the Universe Proves God’s Existence
How the Universe Proves God’s Existence

In the dismay of many atheists, science actually is proving the existence of God!

According to scientists, the chance for life to exist is less than zero. There’s no way that life could have been possible here on earth through random chance and blind evolution.

That’s why, I want to share with you a powerful, insightful, and inspiring blog that will surely strengthen your faith.

The blog is, “How the Universe Proves God’s Existence.”

Read this eye-opening blog and learn:

  • How modern science shows us the impossibility for life to exist here on earth without a Lifegiver.
  • The different conditions should be perfectly met for life to exist.
  • The role of the different celestial bodies in our universe in supporting life on Earth.
  • How the universe actually is a huge proof of God’s existence
  • How human beings willingly refused to acknowledge God
  • How the scientific facts of the universe could grow your understanding of the Creator

There are just so many exciting things to learn from this blog.

So, please don’t miss this golden opportunity.

I hope to see you there!


Read the full blog here.

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