Should Christians be involved in politics?

A lot of Christians felt compelled to let their voice be heard and influence the politics and government of their country.

However, is this biblical?

What does the Bible really say about politics?

Is it proper for Christians to be involved in this world’s corrupt government and political system?

If you ask me, the answer is no.

Of course, what I think doesn’t matter.

What matters is what God thinks.

That’s why I have this blog:

12 Reasons Christians Should not be Involved in Politics

In this post, you will learn the following:

  • Why Christians should not be interfering with politics
  • What the right attitude should be for Christians to have when it comes to politics
  • What the Bible says about politics
  • How you can be a better light to the world in the midst of this world’s political climate
  • What our focus should be as Christians

I hope you don’t miss this golden opportunity to learn more about God’s word.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.


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