📅 Spiritual leprosy – Daily Bible Reading

April 9, 2022

Today’s reading: Leviticus 11:44-45

Spiritual leprosy

Leprosy in ancient times was a serious and a great concern that a huge chunk of Leviticus was written about this disease.

Today, few or none of us are concerned about leprosy. So, what does Leviticus 13 have to teach us?

I believe we can learn a lot from it when we look at Leviticus 13 from the spiritual vantage point of view.

Notice how Enduring Word describes this horrible disease:

“When leprosy first appears on a victim’s skin, it begins as small, red spots. Before too long they get bigger, start to turn white, having a shiny or scaly appearance.”

“Soon the spots spread over the entire body and the hair begins to fall out – first from the head, then even from the eyebrows.”

“As things get worse, the fingernails and toenails become loose; they start to rot and eventually fall off. Then the joints of fingers and toes begin to rot and start to fall off piece by piece.”

“In the mouth, the gums start shrinking and are unable to hold teeth, so several teeth are often lost. Leprosy keeps eating away at the face until the nose is literally gone, and the palate and even eyes rot – and the victim wastes away until death.”

You just can imagine the life-changing and long-term effect of leprosy on the man infected and on the community as a whole.

It is at this point that we must take physical leprosy as a dramatic and vivid picture of sin and how sin destroys us.

Notice how leprosy is like sin. 

First, it begins small and undetected. It then grows and eventually affects the entire body. It destroys nerve endings, rendering you numb just like how sin can numb our conscience. 

As time goes on, leprosy, like sin, causes spiritual decay and deformity. In the end, leprosy leads to death just like what sin can do to us.

Oftentimes, when a person becomes a leper, he/she is already considered as a living dead. We were all like that until Yahshua died for all of us. It seems there was no hope until Yahshua made the ultimate sacrifice.

We need to realize how sin can make us repulsive and deformed. 

It is only by the grace of Yahweh that we were healed and given a new life. May we not forget the sacrifice made by His Son and waste the opportunity that Yahweh has given us.

🔥 To learn more, I highly recommend you read, “Luke 17:11-19: 10 Lessons from the Ten Lepers.”

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