Who is in control of your life?

Ever since I could remember, I love to get in control.

That’s why I prefer working alone rather than working in a group.

Because of this intense need to be in control of everything, I would rather stay in my comfort zone, avoid taking risks, and simply stay in a place where I can easily control the outcomes in my life.

When I’m still studying, I feel like I’m in control. Life was less complicated at that time.

All I have to do is study, follow what the teacher says, and I expect to have high grades.

As I grow older and now, I have a family of my own, I realize that there are just so many things that I can’t control.

I can’t control my wife. I can’t control my kid. I can’t control the weather, the stock market, and even our government.

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Now, here’s what I learned:

The more I try to control things, the more I get frustrated, disappointed, and even depressed.

I realize that trying to control things that are actually beyond my control is a game I can never win.

That’s when I recognize the importance of letting God take charge. 

It’s time to let Him take the wheel of my life. It’s time for me to take the passenger seat.

While there are times when I don’t understand where He is taking me, like a child taking a ride with his father, I can have full confidence that He is not going to harm me.

Wherever He takes me in life, I know it is something for my good.

I can fully trust God that He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Perhaps, you are also still sitting in the driver’s seat of your life. Maybe, you have already let God take the driver’s seat but you still have one hand on the wheel just in case God forgets where you are going.

Well, my dear friends, it is either God is in control of your life or He isn’t.

Don’t simply surrender a part of your life.

Surrender entirely your life.

Let go of the wheel and let God take the lead.

You will see that it will be the sweetest surrender that you will ever make in your life!

Who is sitting in the driver’s seat of your life?

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