Do you know what Biblical covenants are?

**Sorry I have to send/publish this blog again. I forgot to add the links in the previous article. Please accept my apologies.

A lot of people have missed the true meaning of the New Covenant because they don’t know or fully understand what a covenant is.

For most of us, the word “covenant” seems to be a highfalutin word used in the courtroom. As a result, so many Christians ignore the magnitude and massive implication of a covenant when created between God and His people.

For this reason, I have written a blog entitled, “What are the Covenants in the Bible?

In this blog, learn the following:

  • What are Biblical covenants?
  • The unique attributes of God’s covenants
  • Different covenants listed in the Bible
  • Who does God make a covenant with?

As you can see, you will learn a lot from this post. So, make sure to read the full blog here.

Send me a message to to request your free copy of “The Shocking Biblical Truth About the New Covenant.”

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