How Numbering Your Days Makes You Wiser

Do you want to be wise? Then learn to number your days. In this blog post, you will discover the importance of numbering your days and finding meaning in your life!

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If you have been on Facebook long enough, one time or another, you would have already watched a video made by Nuseir Yassin. If the name isn’t familiar, perhaps his travel video blog would ring a bill – Nas Daily.

Alright, if in case you really don’t know him, you can search him on the Internet.

Now, I’m not here to promote his video blogs, but there’s one particular video that caught my attention. The title of the video was “Why I wear the same t-shirt.” In all his video blogs, you would notice that he only wears a black or sometimes grey t-shirt with a bar meter.

Nas daily

The meter shows how much of his life he has already spent displayed in percentage. So for example, if the average lifespan of human beings is 79 years, instead of saying I am already 30 years old, he would say, I live 38% of my life.

I believe there’s an important lesson that we need to learn here.

Teach Us to Number Our Days

What does it mean to number our days?

One of the prayers of Moses was written in Psalm 90. In verse 12, he mentioned something that we must all take heed. I want us to focus for a moment on what Moses had said:

So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

The Bible is clear that man is appointed to die (Hebrews 9:27). Moses in the earlier verses in Psalm 90, explained, “The days of our lives are seventy years; and if by reason of strength they are eighty years” (verse 10).

So, many people today live their lives as if they will live forever. Since they still have the energy, vitality, and health, they don’t apply their hearts to wisdom. They thought that their lives are unlimited.

Some even live their lives by the motto, “You only live once” or what they happily would call, YOLO. While it is true, it has been the battle cry of some people who do stupid things just because they only live once. (Be sure to read, “Living a Christian Life in a YOLO Culture.”)

Like the waves in the sea, no matter how big and strong you are, when you come to the shore, you will ultimately lose everything you gain and soon disappear with the water.

I believe one of the best ways for us to number our days is to look at it in percentage. Counting only the years that we are here on earth does not immediately inculcate in our minds that there’s an end of it. When we start counting by percentage, it shows us that there’s a limit to our life and therefore, we must act wisely and righteously.

If I will only live for 70 years and I’m already 30 years old, then I have already spent 43% of my life! How’s that for a new perspective? I’m almost in the middle of my human existence!

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How about you? Are you still young or already old? Perhaps, you are at your 20%, 30%, or 80%? No matter how many years you have left in this world, we need to make sure that our life counts.

We don’t want to waste it on things that don’t give meaning or purpose.

That’s why Moses explained that counting our days would help us gain wisdom. It forces us to re-think our priorities in life. Since we are just here on earth in a limited time, shouldn’t we be focusing on doing the will of our Heavenly Father and fulfilling His purpose in our lives?

If there’s something that is 100% sure in this life, it is death.

The moment you were born, you start dying. It’s the harsh truth, but it is the truth nonetheless. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we become wise. (Be sure to read, “7 Biblical Harsh Truths You Need to Accept to Become a Better Christian.”)

We need to, therefore, live this life with the understanding that life is limited and unpredictable. God has wisely hidden to us how, where, and when we will die. But, the fact still remains, we will die.

We must then live this life as if we will die tomorrow, because one day, that will be true.

With this in mind, let us learn to number our days. Follow what Yahweh has to say in your life. Commit your life to Him and I’m sure with 100% certainty, by the end of your life, you will be glad that you did!

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9 thoughts on “How Numbering Your Days Makes You Wiser

  1. Hi, Joshua. I’ve learned a lot from your blog post. I just want to ask… How to calculate my life percentage? I’m already 19 years old.


    • Hi Jr!

      It would depend on you which average lifespan you would use. For example, the Bible tells us that normally, people will live 70 years and 80 years if that person is strong.

      If you look into the average lifespan of humans across the globe, it is 79 years.

      So, conservatively, you might want to take the lowest number which is 70 years. With that being said, 19/70X100= 19%.

      You already have lived 19% of your life if you expect to live up to 70 years. Of course, our lives are in the hands of our Creator. It might be shorter or longer, depending on God’s grace and your decisions in life.

      Hope this helps, Jr.



      • Wow! It’s just a stern reminder that I need to make the most out of my time here on earth. To give my best… not to something else, but to God and His Kingdom. Thank you so much! God bless, Joshua.


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