Why You Should Watch Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018) Movie

Here’s why I believe you should watch the movie, Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018).

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That’s how it is like to live as a Christian in the first century. This is perfectly illustrated in the recent movie, Paul, Apostle of Christ.

I have recently watched the film and here’s my review.


The story revolves mainly in the life of Paul and Luke. In the movie, Paul was living the last years of his life in a dark prison cell in the city of Rome. It was at this time that Luke risks his life to visit Paul and discuss the different problems of the first-century Christians.

Aquila and Priscilla, two followers of Christ, in Rome decided to stay within the confine of Nero’s reach to help fellow servants of God. They established a community to serve as a sanctuary for the suffering and persecuted Christians. It was in this community that Luke stays while he gets in and out of the prison to visit Paul.

The movie portrays the internal struggle of Paul as he thinks about all the hardships and sacrifices he went through to proclaim the Gospel to the gentiles. Now that he and other Christians were living under the rule of a cruel emperor, they are all determined to keep the faith and ensure that the Gospel reach more people down the history of men.


What I learned from the movie

The movie vividly portrays what it was like to be a follower of Christ during the first century. With much persecution, it is easier to quit than continue with the Christian race.

In the movie, you will see how Rome persecuted the church. Emperor Nero, who burned half of Rome, used the Christians as the scapegoat for his damnable sin. Now all Rome is directing their anger to Christians who had nothing to do with the great calamity.

The Christians have become a convenient and easy target for persecutors. Christians were burned alive and made as human torches to light Rome’s dark nights. They were made literally as lights of the world!

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Not only that, but every now and then, the emperor holds a game where Christians are mercilessly fed to the hungry lions in the world-renowned coliseum as hundreds or even thousands of people watch them being eaten one by one.

These Christians have lost their loved ones, house, land, and even the right to live a peaceful life. And there’s only one thing that they can do to stop their suffering – and that is to renounce their faith.

But as I look into the lives of these first-century Christians, they still held on to their faith! In spite of all the suffering, persecution, difficulty, and pain they have to endure, they didn’t give up!

Today, since we live in a democratic country, persecution isn’t as bad as it was in the early New Testament Church. However, it is not difficult to see the difference in the level of faith we can see now than what we see in the olden times.

I marveled in the thought that if with only a little persecution we almost want to give up, how much more when the great tribulation comes and tests every Christian who professes to follow Yahshua (Jesus Christ)?

Will we pass the test?

No wonder Christ asked a profound question during His ministry. We read Luke 18:8:

“Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”

Tougher times are ahead of us. Jesus prophesied that there will come a time when a great tribulation will engulf the world – a time of trouble so great that this world has not witnessed before (Matthew 24).

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How do we stay faithful?

We stay faithful by continually staying close to God. Studying His word and applying them in our lives make us more faithful because faith isn’t simply believing in God. It requires action. Genuine and living faith behooves us to demonstrate belief in God through our thoughts, words, and actions!

I believe that’s how the early Christians stayed faithful. Through trials, they have become stronger. Though they are weak of themselves, they are strong through God’s providence and grace.

paul apostle of Christ

The Roman empire and the enemies of God tried to put out the fire in the hearts of Christ’s follower. The best they can do is take away their lives. But the more they are persecuted, the more Christians have become bolder and more faithful in their beliefs.

If we can have the same attitude, imagine what our faith can do during this time and when the hour of trial finally comes into our lives.

Here’s my favorite quote from the movie. Paul said:

I boast only of my weaknesses, so that God’s power may rest on me. Very few men admit weakness. Certainly none boast of it. I boast of it gladly, for this power is sown in weakness.

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Why watch the movie?

So, why should you watch the movie? Personally, I highly recommend Paul, Apostle of Christ for one good reason: it gives you an idea of what it means of dedicating your life for the work of God to the point of death.

Sometimes, in the comfort of our lives, a little persecution seems to be forever and too much to handle. However, these things are nothing compared to what the early Christians have to face. By watching the movie, you will have a glimpse of what it feels like to literally give your life to God.

It is so easy to profess you’re a Christian. But when persecution comes, when your property is being taken away from you, when you have to be constantly on guard against people who might hurt you, when you are thrown to a prison cell unjustly, when all people are blaming you for a crime you didn’t commit, and when your life and the life of your family are being required as a payment for your belief – will you still keep your faith?

That’s the question you need to answer yourself. It is easy to say yes when things are smooth saying. But when push comes to shove, will you still have the strength to stand on your ground?

Watch the movie. Be INSPIRED by how strong Christians can be when they rely on God and not themselves. And when you finally watched the movie, come back here and let me hear your thoughts. 🙂
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