United for the Wrong Purpose?

There is one story in the Bible about unity. However, it was the wrong kind of unity. At that time, the world had only one language, and it is not difficult to see why people didn’t have a hard time getting along with each other. At first, it was a beautiful thing to have one language and readily understand each other.

However, there came a time when they said to each other, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth” (Genesis 11:4).

Notice what the Eternal had to say about the determination and unity of these people.

“Indeed the people are ONE and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now NOTHING that they propose to do will be withheld from them” (verse 11:6).

The people were united for the WRONG purpose. They were united in rebellion against God. They were so united that they begin to be unstoppable in achieving their ambition. With one language, they understood one another’s mind and intention.

This story happened thousands of years ago. Many things might have changed, but not the human nature. We have seen from this episode that man is capable of doing great things when they are united. But sad to say, we have the tendency to be united for the wrong motivation and agenda.

So what can we learn from the story of the tower of Babel? We must understand that sometimes, the good things can be used to achieve the wrong results. Being united is a wonderful virtue that we must all strive to develop. However, we must not just be united, but we must also be united for the RIGHT purpose.

Another lesson that we need to realize is that God’s purpose and will reign SUPREME. No matter what we plan or propose, as long as it is not in accordance with God’s will, we will fail. If God doesn’t bless our effort or give His stamp of approval, we will eventually see our plans boil to nothing.

In the end, may we all be united for the right purpose and always seek God’s will in every aspect of our lives.


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