The 3 Excellent Powers of Reading Books

When was the last time you read a good book? When I said “good” book, I mean a book that can improve yourself. Most people know how to read, but not all harness the power of reading books. If you are one of them, you are missing many things in life. There are a lot of benefits that you can reap from regularly reading a good book. In this blog post, let me share with you the three incredible powers of reading books.

The three incredible Powers of reading books

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The depressing state of the book publishing industry

In 2010, Google used its advanced algorithm and estimated that there are about 130 million known books in all the modern history.

According to an article written by Steve Piersanti, the number of books being published every year exponentially grew. However, the book industry is declining, even if you consider the increased sales in eBooks. As a result, book authors are forced to sell their work at a lower price to attract readers. More and more authors are starting to find other means of living and stop writing books full-time.

I believe what’s more disturbing is that fewer people are now not interested in reading books. In a digital world where we are now living in, modern media is dominated by moving pictures rather than written words.

As this might be the case, we cannot deny that there is power in reading books. If you want to rise above mediocrity and become someone with an extraordinary mind, then you need to harness the power of reading books.

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First Power: The Power to acquire knowledge

There is no denying that people who often read acquire more and more knowledge. If you want to become more intelligent, wiser, and brighter, you can do that by reading a book. The more you read books, the more you are equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to overcome different challenges in life.

Like what they say, “knowledge is power” and you can have more knowledge when you read. As you open a book, you are opening the mind of an author and depending upon the book you are reading, chances are, that author has a brilliant and creative mind. Now, imagine reading what that author knows –reading the same things that the author have studied and experienced for many years!

Reading books is really a shortcut to obtaining knowledge. You don’t have to experiment and see what works and what does not work. All you have to do is read a book to know the knowledge that has been already discovered and published.

You see, an intelligent person learns from his experiences, but a WISER person learns from the experiences of others. So learn from the experts and acquire necessary knowledge to become an extraordinary person!

If there is one thing you lose when reading books, it is IGNORANCE.

Once you gain knowledge from reading, that knowledge is yours forever. No one can take away your knowledge from you. Your house may burn down, someone may rob you, or you may lose a lot of money, but your knowledge will stay with you.

Second Power: The Power to Become a Better Person

“Leaders are readers.”

There’s a good reason why great men and women in our history are also readers. If you want to be great, you have to read. If you want to rise above mediocrity, be not counted among the average people, to take the road less traveled, then you need to read a good book.

Books can improve you in a lot of ways. Here are some of them:

  • Make you smarter
  • Relieve stress
  • Develop inner peace
  • Improve analytical thinking
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Improve memory, creativity, and imagination
  • Improve writing skills
  • Make you more attractive

People who read are different from others who don’t read books. This brings us to the third power.

Third Power: The Power to Positively Influence Others

You can’t give something that you don’t have. At the same time, you can’t teach something that you don’t know.

Most of the greatest influencers in this world are readers. If you want to know how to influence other people, you should read a book.

As you read and absorb bright ideas, concepts, and knowledge from the books you read, your life will start to translate those things into actions. You become what you read. You become a living example to other people. When that happens, you can influence other people in a positive way.


These are the three amazing powers of reading books. So what’s holding you back from reading a good book? Is it because you don’t have time to read? Of course, it is not about not having time to read, but it is about prioritization. If you give importance to reading books, then you will find time.

If you don’t have money to buy books, some libraries provide free books to read. There are also a lot of good books that are now free. You can start with those.

Finally, as Christians, we need to read the Book of all books, the Bible. The Bible contains the essential information on how to live a fulfilling life and how to attain eternal life. If there’s only one book that you should read from cover to cover, it is the Bible.

So, friends and dear readers, make it a habit to reading a good book at least once a month. If done in a consistent manner, you will see how your life will positively change forever!

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