How to be Consistent in Your Habit of Studying the Bible

Studying the Bible is not a one-time event. There are a lot to learn from the Bible that even our lifetime is not enough to FULLY comprehend everything. Personally, the more I learn things in the Bible, the more I realize how little I know!

The Bible is like a goldmine. There are a lot of gold nuggets hidden within its pages. Some can readily be found while others need to be dug deeper. We need to explore the Bible to truly appreciate the lessons we need to learn.



This is the main reason that we need to develop the habit of reading the Bible. Not just when we feel like it, but in a consistent manner. We need to set our priorities right and reading God’s word is part of seeking FIRST God’s Kingdom and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

We can’t expect ourselves to grow spiritually without reading God’s word. Therefore, it is imperative that we invest enough time in meditating upon the Bible.

How can we really develop the habit of studying the Bible?

We need to create a schedule. Ideally, we need to read the Bible as often as we can. However, with a vague concept of when you should read the Bible, you might quickly forget or lose track of your progress. For this reason, you need to create a schedule and stick to it.

the more I learn things in the Bible, the more I realize how little I know!The perfect time to read the Bible is in the morning together with your prayer. Usually, we are most energetic, fresh, and alert during our waking moments. The best way to spend this time is to read God’s word. Perhaps, you can read your Bible while you are having your morning coffee. In addition to this, it is advisable that we read and meditate on the word of God before we sleep. This is an effective way to “sandwich” our lives in God’s word.

You need to find a right place to study the Bible. Like in prayer, you need to decrease the distractions around you when you read the scripture. We can let the Holy Spirit inspire us more when we give 100% of our focus in studying the Bible. Ideally, a room dedicated to God is the perfect place. However, this might not be always possible. A library, your backyard, or any place that gives you peace of mind can also work just fine.

Seek the help of others. This can be your spouse, brothers, sisters, family members, relatives, and church friends. Having someone to encourage us or hold us accountable can strongly motivate us to persist in our Bible Study habit.

Use a daily Bible reading plan or guide. Usually, this will give a structure on how you can spend each Bible reading session. There are a lot of guides and plans readily available on the Internet today. You will be surprised how these resources can help you in establishing the habit of Bible Study.

Finally, be consistent. Some psychologists agree that for a habit to form, you need at least 21 to 28 days. Some people would even need up to 60 days. Whatever the case, the point is clear: consistency is crucial. When you start compromising with your schedule, you will soon find yourself farther and farther from your goal.

When you feel like giving up, remember the reason you started on this noble Christian endeavor. Sometimes, we just have to look back and be reminded of why we are doing something. Most of the time when we do this, we find the additional strength to carry on.

Apply what you learned

The main aim of studying the Bible is to learn God’s principle in living this life. We want to know how we can be pleasing to God and fulfill His will and purpose.

We are not studying the Bible just to obtain academic knowledge. All the things that we learn will boil to NOTHING if we don’t apply them.We are not studying the Bible just to obtain academic knowledge. All the things that we learn will boil to NOTHING if we don’t apply them. We are not Christians because of the things that we know, but how much of that Biblical knowledge we are using in our daily lives.

Studying the Bible and establishing the habit of consistently reading it is no doubt difficult. This is particularly the case when you are just starting.

Don’t lose heart.

Never give up because God sees the heart and our desire to learn. We might fail from time to time, but the important thing is we don’t give up.

There’s no better time to start reading the Bible than TODAY. Decide to read the Bible and make it a habit. Above all, start applying what you learned in your life. With this, you can now become a highly effective Christian!

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