10 Shocking Reasons Christians should NOT Vote

Every election season, we have seen how politicians will dramatically work their way to the office. Most often than not, they would use black propaganda or dirty political tactics to put their opponents into a dark light.

It is true that the majority of people believe that it is our duty to cast our votes. From civic schools to national televisions, voting is considered to be a patriotic duty that all must do. People who vote are called responsible citizens and they are even praised.

In the midst of the political chaos and mess, should Christians vote? This is an important question that we must face and the answer is quite simple and plain. Christians should NOT vote. They should not even be found endorsing any candidate!

In this post, let me share with you 10 reasons Christians are discouraged to vote and participate in local or national elections.

10 Shocking Reasons Christians should NOT Vote
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1. Being apolitical saves us from debates and divisions

The Bible condemns division in the strongest sense (I Corinthians 1:10; Romans 16:17-18). There is no doubt that people will have their own views when it comes to politics. People will have their own bets and candidates.

I, personally, have seen close friends and families fight over who should win the election. Most often than not, this situation leads to bitterness and dispute.

Now, imagine if the same thing will happen within the church because of secular politics. Sometimes, people fight so hard for their candidates who probably wouldn’t even know that they exist. This is highly possible to happen if the Church would get involved with politics.

Politics breeds division and not unity, both at the church level and national level.

2. Voting is subject to human weaknesses

Voting is based on the decision of humans and therefore, subject to human weaknesses. As hard as we would like to see a change in our government and our nation, we will utterly fail.

Democracy can be considered one of the best forms of government. However, we know that HUMANS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO RULE OVER OTHER HUMANS. All we have to do is step back and see the bigger picture. Study history and you will find failed governments are ruled by selfish human nature.

3. Most politicians are people-pleasers rather than God-pleasers

For a politician to win, he/she has to please the people. He/she would do everything just to get people’s vote. Most often than not, that politician has to compromise his or her moral principles just to meet the needs of everyone.

4. This whole world is deceived

We read in revelation 12:9 that this WHOLE world is deceived. For this reason, many people are blinded to the truth. We can see Satan’s deception all over the world and in every fabric of our society including politics.

No matter who you vote for, we really don’t have the right tools to discern their heart. Therefore, we will just ultimately make the wrong choice in choosing a candidate.

5. Satan is the god of this world

We read in II Corinthians 4:4 that Satan is the god of this world. He is the evil force behind every government. So why would a Christian participate in politics when we know that Satan controls it?

Of course, God is in ultimate control. He can use anything to accomplish His will and purpose. But for now, we just have to let God handle this and be careful not to put things in our own hands.

6. We are called to be separate from the world

As was mentioned above, this world is ruled by Satan. Light and darkness can’t mix. That’s the reason we can read, “Come out from among them, and be ye separate” (II Corinthians 6:17). Moreover, the Apostle John wrote in his epistle:

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is NOT of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abides for ever” (I John 2:15-16).

7. Jesus will not participate in politics today

Obviously, we are called Christians because we follow Christ. WE ARE TO COPY JESUS. If Jesus is here on earth today, will you actually see Him endorsing anyone? Will he be participating in this world’s politics? Obviously, not.

8. Christians are part of God’s kingdom

We know that this is Satan’s world. Remember the conversation between Christ and Pontius Pilate? Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?” Mark very well the words of Jesus Christ. He said:

MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here” (John 18:36).

Notice, that this is not the kingdom of Jesus. He further said that WE MUST NOT FIGHT and go to any war because our ultimate allegiance is to God and not to any human government. When we cast our vote, we simply are acknowledging that we are part of this world’s government instead of being part of God’s kingdom.

9. We are Ambassadors of Christ

In II Corinthians 5:20, we read that we are called, “AMBASSADORS for Christ”. In addition to this, Paul also mentioned, “For our CITIZENSHIP is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 3:20).

What are ambassadors? Ambassadors are accredited diplomats who are sent by a country as their official representatives to a foreign country. We are to become REPRESENTATIVES of Christ’s coming kingdom. Do you see any ambassador or foreign citizen casting their votes in a foreign land? Of course not!

10. There’s no worthy candidate

Study the politics of this world. If anyone wants to win the election, he or she needs to EXALT and PRAISE himself. That person needs to tell the people why they should vote for him or her. A person needs to show people how he/she is worthy of their vote – in effect, telling the people how good he or she is! Whether that person is telling the truth or not, we can see how self-centered politicians are!

They would say how intelligent, experienced, qualified, talented, and great they are while demeaning their opponents. Are you sure you want to vote for a person like that???


Final words

Christians should stop believing that they can “fix” this world’s government. We should stop thinking that we can influence the government to be godly. Jesus came to this earth not trying to improve our government. Rather, HE CAME AND ANNOUNCED THE COMING KINGDOM OF GOD.

No human government can bring lasting peace and prosperity. No matter who you will vote and no matter who will assume the highest office in the human government, biblical prophecies tell us that things will get even worse as we approach the end time. It is only the Kingdom of God that will make this world a better place to live in.

Therefore, let us all pray, “THY KINGDOM COME!”


24 thoughts on “10 Shocking Reasons Christians should NOT Vote

  1. This is a perversion of Christianity. Christians live in societies with non-Christians; and Christians and non-Christians alike suffer if government is unjust. Christians have a duty to promote love and fairness. If they fail to vote and hatred and injustice win, they have failed in this duty.

    If love and understanding in the church are so weak that they can be destroyed by party political arguments, they were faulty to start with.

    All the weaknesses you describe in secular government exist in church government too, often made worse by leaders claiming divine justification.

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    • But then again, let us consider what Jesus would do. Do you think He will vote for anyone? I strongly believe He won’t. While it is true that Christians have a duty to promote love and fairness, this cannot be achieved by voting. How can you be too sure that by voting you will be able to “influence” the society? No one can really see the heart of a politician. In many cases, people are time and time again disappointed with their candidates.
      Again, it is not the job of Christ’s Church to participate in this world’s political system especially if you consider that this world is ruled by Satan. We are waiting for the Kingdom of God and until that time, we need to be patient and entrust everything in the hands of God. God is always in control. He raises and removes kings. Let Him do His will and not our will by voting a candidate.


      • If good Christians don’t vote then the wicked will decide your govvernment. Are you crazy. Both Jesus and John the baptist amd spostles were actively involved with government from the low soldier to ceasar.

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      • Hi RC!

        Let me ask you, when Christ was on earth, were He involved in politics? Did He run in politics? Did He started a revolt? Did He ask the people to make Him their leader?

        Obviously, the answer to these questions is no.

        In fact, when the people wanted to make Christ their leader, He strongly refused.

        Since Jesus didn’t “vote” or do anything to stop the government, does this mean that Christ is irresponsible or in your word, “crazy?”

        I hope you understand my point, RC. The only thing that can solve this world’s problem is God’s Kingdom.

        Thus, Christ instructed us to always pray, “Thy Kingdom come.”



    • Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
      Christ dealt sternly with the pharisees when he went overturning the tables , exposing the evil that were doing to the people , its the same thing happening today , what we truly need as people is and always has been withheld and stolen from us by government so to partake of it is just an absolute mocking of God himself , we are already told that evil is going to have it way in the earth , so what should we need to fight , we are not going to stop what God already said would happen , besides these days our vote doesn’t count , out of all the nominees , the one with the most royal blood always wins , ever since Washington its been found out already , this should be enough to wake anyone up . but they seem to not care , they are blinded by the god of this world …
      God bless wake up


  2. Very true!! But you are a voice in the wilderness on this subject!! Most Christian people, especially in US, think that there godly duty is to make this a better place to live, but as D.L. Moody once said, the world is a sinking ship and our duty is to get as many off of it before it goes down! Also, God is ultimately in control of who rules the kingdom of men according to Daniel 4.17, therefore if we choose to vote for a candidate which we think is GOOD, we could find ourselves voting against God’s candidate!


    • Thanks for your insight, Adam! I haven’t thought about voting against the will of God. I hope more Christians would see the reason that we should not vote and just let God take care of this matter. We just have to pray hard for God’s kingdom to come.


  3. Too often, humans become arrogant and believe that the Almighty needs them to step in and help Him with His plan. Since scripture states several times over that it is the Almighty himself who places kings and kingdoms, I would be very afraid to participate in the voting process for fear that I would be voting against God himself. Throughout history God has placed evil men in rulership over His people. Nothing has changed and we might actually see extremis in motion in the near future. We should pray not for the continuation of this evil world, but for the glorious gospel of the coming Kingdom of God to be heard, and for our faith to sustain us in the troubling times to come between now and when our true savior and king is seated. So much needless confusion among ecclesia.

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  4. Too often God’s people get puffed up and believe that God needs their help to effect His plan. Why would anyone want to pray for this government (or for any government for that matter) if it is God’s intention to destroy all of these governments and replace them with His own government. We are commanded to share the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God. Striving for perpetuation of anything in this wicked world is not a command of the Almighty. Satan himself is the liar behind the propaganda that we need to vote and participate in government in order to be righteous Christians. We best fall on our prayer bones and pray that we have faith to carry us through the trials and persecutions that just may arise under whomever he seats in this election. The early church fathers understood that the governments were in opposition to God. They did not uphold rebellion in any form. Be in righteous subjection to your government and worship only God because He is getting ready to seat the next POTUS and it may not be the person you voted for.

    A good article.



  5. This is exactly what I have been saying lately. Where in the Bible (I always capitalize Bible) does it lend to believers having to vote. It may be legal but not expedient. This article resonates – such a beautiful message. These United States have been indoctrinated with beliefs that are not always Do’s. Our current president spews hatred and division – partiality. On the flip-side and just as evil are pro-abortion, pro-any-kind-of-marriage, and pro-whatever the people want – just give it to them. I began searching to see if anyone feels as I do. God did not command us to vote; therefore, it is not a must. This world we live in is so corrupt. America is used to certain comforts, and I believe this is what drives the conservative to push vote, vote, vote. Christians heed this ideology as well. They are willing to vote a man who reeks of racism (although there is only one race), objectifies women, lies, and cheats (finds every loophole to get by); they negate the ugliness of his character to support some Biblical principles. Having conservative Supreme Court Justices –whose fruit has not blossomed — is of significance to them. So how are we (as corrupt as we are as people – even believers miss the mark daily) to decide which evil is better. I agree that we are inept, unable to discern such and thereby, do cause a rift in the church. My feelings have been growing toward believers becoming emboldened to speak and behave as followers of Christ – may experience a lot of persecution for it, but Christ spoke of that very thing. If the country takes a downward spiral, guess what, it just may be what the country needs to wake up God’s people and open the hearts of others. Christians in the US don’t care to experience having to put on the full-armor of God daily —- for real. It is time for believers to be radical for the gospel!!! To not vote is radical indeed – for Christ’s sake.


    • Hi Sondra,

      Thanks for your comment and additional insight. This further shows that we indeed need not to vote and let it rest in the care of the Almighty.

      Instead of causing political division, we must focus on building godly character and praying for our leaders. That is the better way.



  6. If I follow your line of reasoning why I should not vote, then I should also not do jury duty when called upon or work or pay taxes to a country that if I should not vote, then I am not it’s citizen.


    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We are commanded in the Bible to follow the government as long as what they compel us to do doesn’t go against God’s commandment. Paying taxes is also commanded in the Bible as evidenced by the teaching of Christ, “Render unto Caesar’s what is Caesars.”



  7. The United States of America is unique in this world, a republic founded on the Christian concepts of a single creator and God-given unalienable rights. By design, elected representatives promote the ideas of their voting constitutes. As Christians, if we do not vote for representation that understands the teachings of Jesus, to love God, and love one another, then what will America become? Not voting is an incredibly ignorant concept. Maybe that is why we see so many non-christian, school board members, mayors, governors, representatives, senators, and presidents because many Christians do not vote. I wonder if we will be held accountable for failing in this simple but essential responsibility.


  8. The United States of America is unique in this world, a republic founded on the Christian concepts of a single creator and God-given unalienable rights. By design, elected representatives promote the ideas of their voting constitutes. As Christians, if we do not vote for representation that understands the teachings of Jesus, to love God, and love one another, then what will America become? I believe not voting is a non-biblical idea resulting in the demoting of the concepts taught by Christ. Maybe that is why we see many non-christian school board members, mayors, governors, representatives, senators, and presidents because many Christians do not vote. I wonder if we will be held accountable for failing in this simple but essential responsibility.


    • Hi Wayne,

      Whether we like it or not, prophesies will come to pass. No matter how hard we try to change the society by voting, things will get worse.

      Instead of focusing in politics, we must prepare ourselves. We need to make sure that we are right with God rather than right with policitians.



  9. This ideology of stepping out of the political arena as Christians is demonic, evil, foolish, AND a quickening of the downfall of society. Examples would be the sexual indoctrination of young children in public schools AND an infanticide bill floating around the legislature in CA. Regarding the sexualization of young children in public schools, there is pornographic curriculum either currently being taught to young children or being decided by SCHOOL BOARDS on whether to include it in that next year’s curriculum. Before you say home school (which I advocate for), it may have not gotten to this point if Christians were in their rightful place at the table and shut this evil down. Also, explain to me how a single parent home schools? There have ALSO been Drag Story Times in libraries across the nation. Isn’t it our moral Christian duty to protect CHILDREN from evil?!? Regarding the infanticide bill, this bill would further legalize the murder of infants by allowing doctors to murder full termed fully birthed infants should the mother decide she doesn’t want it. FULLY BIRTHED INFANTS. To encourage Christians to abdicate their moral and Christian duty to be lights in the darkness is allowing Satan EVEN MORE of a foothold in society. As Christians are we not called to be a voice for the voiceless and to save lives??! Those that fail to stop this evil and advocate to step away from the political realm will absolutely be held accountable by God. And rightfully so. Their blood will be on your hands and everyone that listens to this drivel. Even though we cannot FULLY stop the downfall of society – we STILL have a moral, ethical, and Constitutional duty to do as much as we can. With regard to “following the government over us” when the state attempts to shut down churches while simultaneously keeping liquor stores and strip clubs open, you have a spiritual issue if you’re okay with that and followed it. Also, prayer can do some, but eventually there has to be action. DOERS of the word and NOT HEARERS ONLY. I’m a young (29) woman and I even I understand that we as Christians have a moral duty to be actively involved in politics. I fail to understand why you (or those that listen to you) can’t. What you are advocating for is absolutely wrong, immoral, and UNChristlike. It’s from the pit of hell actually – downright evil. These aren’t even “political issues” but spiritual ones which the world has taken a hold of an claimed as their territory. By advocating that Christians abdicate their moral duty to be involved, you are HANDING OUR CHILDREN AND SOCIETY OVER TO SATAN. It cannot get more evil than that – and you know better.


    • Hi Joanna,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I understand your point and why you think it is important to get involved in politics.

      I have already shared the reasons why Christians should not vote through this article.

      I just want to point out that you don’t have to get involved in politics to show love to one another. Jesus didn’t get involved in this world’s politics because He knew that His Kingdom is not of this world.

      Instead of getting political, why not focus on our God-given duty and that is to preach the Gospel and prepare for His Kingdom?

      Please don’t mistakenly equate not getting involved in politics with doing nothing. That’s something you will not find in this article and don’t add your assumption as well.

      You are free to do what you believe is right, Joanna. As for me, I’ll stick with what the Word of God instructs me to do.

      God bless you.



      • I understand where this article’s point comes from. You can forget yourself when getting caught up in politics; however, I feel that Jesus did deal in politics. He frequently dealt with the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were the politicians of those days. I agree you have to not let yourself get out of control. God will help you with this. He will also help you vote for the right candidate if you go to Him in prayer prior to voting. Your not allowing Him to work through you. Maybe things won’t work out, but as you say, this world isn’t meant to last. But at least you’re trying to prevent injustices. To not pray and vote sounds like a lack of faith in prayer.


      • Doesn’t the Bible tell us to pray FOR our leaders? While that is not voting there’s a political facet to that. I /feel/ the same way you do But we are so close to the Mark of the Beast and the Bible says to take a person at their word. So when they campaign on something that has meaning


      • Hi Tiffany,

        I strongly agree that we should pray for our leaders. I believe that’s the best thing we can do while we do our part in preparing ourselves for the coming government of our God.



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