Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year 2015

As we are nearing the end of 2015, let us take a look at the top 10 posts of the year. These posts are arranged according to the number of views. So it’s worth giving one more look at some of the most popular posts of 2015. Here they are!

Top 10.  12 Scriptures From The Book Of Proverbs About How To Choose Your Friends

This blog gathered some of the best verses in the book of Proverbs about choosing your friends. By reading these proverbs, you will surely develop a WISER heart and mind that will make you a better person. Each of these proverbs is packed with down-to-earth and sound advice that when you practice them daily, YOU WILL SURELY HAVE A HAPPIER LIFE.

Top 9. The great trinity hoax: 5 easy ways to debunk the trinity doctrine (shocking)

In this post, let me share with you 5 explanations that will prove the Holy Spirit is never a persona in the God Family. Modern Christianity holds this doctrine as the most fundamental belief that one cannot be saved without believing it. Yet, the word trinity is NEVER found in the Bible and most Bible scholars would ADMIT that this doctrine did not originate from the Bible, but instead has its root in paganism.

Top 8. 7 Shocking Biblical Truths About Death You Most Likely Won’t Believe

Death is very real. No matter who you are, it will visit your door sooner or later. Thus, it is no wonder that many people would like to have an explanation about its nature. Sadly, they don’t get the right answer. In this post, let me share with you sure, factual and truthful facts about death straight from the Bible.

Top 7. Shocking Truths From The Bible: Top 5 Awesome Benefits Of Keeping The Sabbath Day

Among the Ten Commandments, there is one commandment that is most ignored by people. It is also the only commandment that does not start with “You shall not” thus making it in the positive voice. Surprisingly, this commandment is packed with tremendous blessings and benefits.

Top 6. Shocking Differences Between The Ten Commandments Of God And The Traditional Ten Commandments

It might surprise you, but the Ten Commandments that we traditional know is really NOT the same with the Ten Commandments written in the Bible. When I first discovered this, I was stupefied how Satan was very successful in deceiving many people to accept a counterfeit Ten Commandments.

Top 5. Matthew 15:21-28: A Reflection On The Canaanite Faith

In this article, I want to invite you to revisit the story of the Canaanite woman who came to Jesus for the healing of her daughter. Let us examine Matthew 15:21-28 and see what should be our attitude when we are confronted with spiritual storms in our lives.

Top 4. Vital Lessons We Need To Learn From The Parable Of The Good Samaritan

The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) is a parable that can only be found in the book of Luke and cannot be found in other gospels. Yet, it has profound lessons applicable in our life today. In this post, let us re-visit the parable of the Good Samaritan and learn the vital lessons that we should derive from it.

Top 3. Three Ways To Effectively Preach The Gospel

In this post, I want to share with you three ways we can preach the gospel more effectively in a personal level.

Top 2. Top Five Reasons You Should Not Play Defense Of The Ancients (DOTA)

There are hundreds of reasons that I can think not to play Defense of the Ancient but for this purpose, I will just list top five reasons which I believe you should know. If you do not play DOTA yet, then you should think twice before you face that computer monitor. Likewise, if you are already playing DOTA, then it is time to make a stand and stop the game from controlling you.

Top 1. A Godly Perspective About Watching Horror Movies

Horror films and movies dominate the theaters, TV programs, magazines, and even your local newspaper. Though some people may think that I am overreacting, I want to pose the question, “Should we really watch horror movies?”


There you have our list of top 10 posts for the year 2015. I hope you would take again another look at these posts and revisit the lessons you may learn from them.

To all the readers and visitors of my website, thank you so much for your support. Next year would be a new beginning. I hope you would still continue to support my website. Thank you and it is my sincerest hope that all of us will find God’s purpose and have the passion for fulfilling it in our lives. Above all, let us all pray, “Thy kingdom come!”


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