A Godly Perspective about Watching Horror Movies

A timely reminder during this Halloween season.

Becoming Christians

watching horror movies Is this how you spend quality time with your family?

During this time of the year, horror films and movies dominate the theaters, TV programs, magazines, and even your local newspaper. Though some people may think that I am overreacting, I want to pose the question, “Should we really watch horror movies?”

A sad state of Christianity

In the midst of Mainstream Christianity, it is sad that we, supposed to be the light of the world, give in to some temptations of watching horror movies. While most people might dismiss this as a minor issue in our Christian lives, it is nevertheless an issue that should be addressed.

Sad to say, even in our local Church area, I hear some Church mates talking about how scary “The Conjuring” is. One even asked me if I have a copy of the popular horror movie. Out of curiosity, I managed to…

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