Philippines: one of the World’s Top Ten Child Pornography Producers

450px-'Prescribed_Area'One of most surprising and saddest news I heard last week is the rampant child pornography in our country, The Philippines. According to the Philippine National Police Report, The Philippines is among the Top 10 countries producing pornographic materials out of children. The report further said that The Philippines is a primary producer of child pornography and send the finish product to the western countries including US, Britain, and Australia. The primary customers of child pornography are pedophiles.

Sexual immorality is only one of the symptoms of moral decay of our society. I could not imagine what the future holds for the children who are victims of this cyber prostitution. Think about it for a second; people are preying on weaker people just for their selfish gains.

The danger of technological advancement

There is no doubt, the Internet made our lives easier and convenient. It has become the primary means of local and global communication. The Internet is also a floodgate of information.

However, the Internet can also become a means to exploit our youth along with its other evil use. According to the report, sex dens operate even in slums where high speed Internet is available through the use of prepaid broadband. Thus, it is easy for these sex dens to penetrate depressed areas and look for children who can easily be persuaded to perform pornography in exchange of money.

The report further says that in just a single location, there is “an average of 31 video, live streaming or photo transmittals”. A staggering number if you think how these children are being exploited.

Poverty and irresponsible parents

One thing that made me even more appalled is the fact that the parents are the ones who are pushing their children to take part to this hideous crime. After the children had been exploited, the payment will go straight to the parents’ pockets – a shameful act that even animals are not capable of selling their offspring.

The primary reason people engage in child pornography is poverty. While it is true that our country is stricken with such paralyzing plague, it is not reason enough to sell your children for pornography. There is no shortcut to earning a decent meal each day. Hard work and diligence should be at the forefront of these parents’ mind and not selling their children.

What should be the solution?

I am just stupefied at what the PNP thought of as a solution to this problem. They say that they are doing all their best to crackdown sex dens in our country and file the proper cases against offenders.

While this is part of the solution, this should not be just the focus of the PNP. Pornography is illegal (please correct if I’m wrong) in this country. Then why not the government controls what is being broadcasted on the Internet?

What I am proposing is that if they really want to stop child pornography in this country and even stop pornography as a whole, then all they should do is to ban pornography in this country – from the street vendors to the cyber world. I know the NBI has the ability to ban and block every pornographic website in this Internet’s country. By that, they have significantly cut down the operations of these sex offenders!

A deeper problem in our society

Our society is seeing the migration from God to ungodliness. The problem with the Philippines is that they have this colonial mentality and whatever they see in the Western Countries, they will do likewise.

So when they see US legalizing divorce, they will also set a bill legalizing divorce. When they see US legalizing same-sex marriage, they will also do the same. When they see abortion legalized, they also would do that.

The biblical prophecy about the United States as the model of this world has been true, but instead for the good, it is for the bad. United States is the number 1 exporter of Internet pornography and the world gladly accepts this plague in their living room.

Sexual immorality is one of the symptoms of a DECLINING country. A country that cannot protect its most vulnerable citizens – babies and children – does not have the right to exist in this world. Children and young adults engaging in pornography are deprived of their self-worth. Instead of being viewed as children of God, they are being looked upon by people as mere sex objects without feelings.

Final words

This world seeks peace and happiness, but they are running at exactly and diametrically opposite direction. When a country pushes away God in the picture, they will do whatever is right in their own eyes. Without guidance and lack of knowledge, we are doom to destruction. Though people think that we can ultimately be better off without God, they will soon face the fact that they are dead wrong.

Thankfully, time will come when this world will be transformed into the Kingdom of God where Jesus will rule and child pornography or any form of it will never exist. We will never hear of these bad news anymore, but only the good news that God is in charge and we will be ruled with love, mercy, and justice.

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