The Halloween Tragedy: Its History and How It Melds with Christianity

halloween party

Is this really harmless?

Every year, some of this world’s major religion is going to celebrate Halloween as part of their customs and beliefs. Isn’t it odd for religions, especially Christianity, to set aside their values, teachings, and doctrines about avoiding anything evil and to celebrate a pagan holiday closely related to demonism? Learn the truth the truth behind the great Halloween hoax and whether, you, as a Christian should celebrate it in any form.

The pagan Root of Halloween

The history of Halloween started with the Celtic peoples’ belief revolving the time between Samhain and Yule. During this time frame, the power of the sun wanes with the day becoming shorter while the night getting longer.

The Samhain holiday happens during the sunset of October 31st. It is believed that during this time, the veil between the realm of the humans and spirits becomes at its thinnest. This gives the spirits the chance to cross the veil and once again visit the land of the living.

As part of their tradition, they popularly call this as the “Feast of the Dead”. They will welcome their dead relatives by leaving milk and cakes outside their homes during the Samhain eve and/or set the table for their “undead” guest.

During the Samhain Eve, witches are known to make songs and chants to celebrate the Feast of the Dead. If you ever come across with the witches’ chant, it will send shiver to your spine as you read the lyrics. It is glorifying and calling of the dead from their graves. It is basically a demonic ritual.

How Halloween became “Christian”?

Christians defend their beliefs by saying that they are celebrating and commemorating the lives of the many saints on Nov. 1. However, looking at the history of Halloween and how it is incorporated in Mainstream Christianity will show us the big correlation between the two.

The Catholic Encyclopedia 1913 edition tells us that Christians who commemorate the death of Christ and other saints have different days of celebration. In addition to this, the Catholic Church felt a strong urge to venerate their martyrs, known and unknown, at least once a year. In order to unify the date, they come to a decision to set aside a day every year so that Christians are not divided in their celebration.

So what did they chose? They chose November 1, but why this day?

It was Pope Gregory who chose November 1 and it is no accident that it was also during the celebration of the Feast of the Dead. During the reign of Pope Gregory, the Catholic Church is having a hard time converting pagans into Christianity. They have this strong hold to their traditions and pagan customs.

The Catholic Church created an “excuse” for Christians-to-be to celebrate the Feast of the Dead by wrapping the holiday with Christian trappings. Thus, we now have the one of the most popular and commercialized holiday today, the HALLOWEEN.

The Halloween Tragedy

It is sad how many people celebrate Halloween as if it is part of being Christians. All year round, we are taught to stay away from evil things by our church, but it is the church itself that gives us the license to dabble with the dark world.

The stark contrast between religion and demonism.

The stark contrast between religion and demonism.

Every Halloween season, we see the common theme of entertainment and new media revolves around the paranormal. With commercialism, Halloween is being sold as something desirable and harmless.

Another tragedy is that children are taught by parents to respect other people, that doing bad is of the devil and his demons, that playing with the dark side is bad, and extortion is evil; and yet, we encourage them to put on demonic costumes and knock on people’s door asking for treats. If they don’t give candies, they are licensed to vandalize their neighbor’s front yard. Not to mention the danger that lurks when we allow our children to roam around the neighborhood in the dark of night.

So really, how Christian is Halloween? How harmless is it? If Jesus would be asked about this holiday, will he approve this? Ponder on these questions and answer it will great honesty. Your answer should lead you to avoiding this holiday in its all forms.

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