Why Should We Keep the Day of Atonement?

Starting this evening, the Day of Atonement will commence. The World is completely oblivious of this important day. Jesus kept this day, as well as the New Testament Church. Should you care?

power-prayer-fastingWhen I first observed the Day of Atonement, I really do not understand what this day pictures. I am not sure why I should fast on this day. Just thinking of the whole day ahead of me without taking in food and drinking water, I feel tired already. Nevertheless, I still fast on this special Day. It was only then I realized that understanding comes from DOING.

Why should we keep the Day of Atonement?

BECAUSE GOD SAID SO. He commanded us to keep this Day by fasting and gathering together with other believers. God commanded us and it is our responsibility to follow what He said. If He is really the ultimate authority of our lives, there is no doubt that we must do what He wants us to do.

Keeping God’s commandments is paramount to worshiping Him and translating our faith into action. While it is true that we cannot earn our salvation through our works, keeping God’s commandment is a prerequisite for salvation.

Lessons from the Day of Atonement

Like what I said earlier, there are vital lessons that we can learn from the Day of Atonement. But these knowledge and enlightenment can only happen if we really observe this day. Yes, you can gain head knowledge and academic scholarship, but that knowledge will boil to nothing if it doesn’t behoove us to translate it into action.

The Day of Atonement teaches us of humility. Fasting during this day helps us realize that we are nothing without God – that we are fully reliant to Him. Without food and water, we will soon die. This only shows how frail and feeble we are.

The Day of Atonement reminds us of the day when Satan will be bounded. This world desperately will never be the same again after the Day of Atonement. We will finally be free from the clutches of Satan and his influence on us will be removed.

Fasting is not an instrument to force our will on God. We fast on the Day of Atonement and other days to help us learn what God wants us to do. Fasting prepares us to be submissive to God’s plan for us.

Keep the Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement only happens every once within a year. While it is true that the Day of Atonement has futuristic application, we should not underestimate it and forget its lessons for us. Keeping the Day of Atonement gives us a glimpse of the glorious future ahead. We can experience God’s Kingdom today and this can be done by KEEPING GOD’s HOLY DAY!


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