3 Shocking Reasons Why Jesus Did Not Have Long Hair

Did you know that Jesus didn’t have long hair? Most people think so. However, a deeper look at what the Bible really says will show you the shocking truth. Here are 3 shocking reasons that Jesus didn’t have long hair!

3 Shocking Reasons Why Jesus Did Not Have Long Hair

This might shock you but the plain truth from your Bible reveals Jesus, or properly known as Yahshua, as someone who had SHORT hair! Yes, you read that right. While it is true that Jesus is always depicted as someone with a semi-feminine face, long hair, and smooth facial skin, this is VERY FAR from the Jesus of your Bible.

I can still remember when I was still in my elementary years. It is time for haircut inspection in our classroom and at that time, I forgot to have my hair cut.

So when it was my turn – fearing the dreadful reputation of our teacher in cutting hair – I immediately reasoned, “You should not cut my hair because Jesus had a longer hair than mine!”

My teacher thought about it for a second and guess what, I did not receive any penalty at that time but I was given the chance to visit the barbershop.

I know, I am at fault but that situation should have driven my teacher to reconsider his belief.

If my teacher knew the truth about Christ’s real appearance, he might have easily explained to me that I was wrong and had cut my hair anyway.

Is it really true that Christ has long hair? I will prove to you through the scripture that He didn’t. I present to you 3 reasons to prove my point.

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Reason number 1: I Corinthians 11:14

“Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him?” (I Corinthians 11:14)

This scripture clearly tells us that if a man has long hair, it is shameful and even disgraceful to him. The universal custom for men is to wear short hair while women should have long hair.

In the time of Jesus’ life, the Jews regard a man with long hair as someone who is deviant and never regarded the custom of the land.

According to New York University’s Lawrence Schiffman, “The Jewish texts ridiculed long hair as something Roman or Greek.” This is also supported by the findings of the physical anthropologist Joe Zias, who has studied hundreds of skeletons found in archaeological digs in Jerusalem. He mentioned, “Jewish men back in antiquity did not have long hair.”

The writer of I Corinthians was Paul who was also a disciple of Jesus (who himself have taught Paul for more than a year). Since this is the case, it is safe to say that Jesus himself inspired Paul to write this portion of his letter to the Corinthians.

So why Jesus should say that it is shameful to have a long hair while all along He had long hair? Sound illogical and the only logical explanation is that Jesus never had long hair.

Reason number 2: Christ didn’t stand out from the crowd

We can draw circumstantial shreds of evidence by carefully reading the four gospels. When Jesus was physically alive, the people around Him have short hair (this can easily be proven by reading historical findings of how people looked like during the antiquities).

Since males have short hair, Jesus can easily be spotted and easily stand out from the crowd IF He had long hair. But this wasn’t the case.

Jesus having long hair
Does this look like a Man who is manly, tough, and plain-looking?

As a matter of fact, the Pharisees have to pay 30 pieces of silver to Judas for him to identify who Jesus was. The Pharisees can easily tell the guards that the one with long hair is Jesus and yet, they have difficulty in determining which of them is Jesus Christ because Jesus is an average-looking guy.

Isaiah 53:2 mentioned: “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.”

In addition to this, Jesus easily escaped from arrest and danger by blending into the crowd every time the guards tried to seize Him. We can read at least two occasions this happened in Luke 4:30 and John 8:59.

Reason number 3: Christ is not a weakling

If Christ had long hair, he would look like a tender, effeminate man. If we would be honest, the popular paintings of Christ make Him like a weakling.

Jesus is never a skinny and flimsy man. He is not weak but rather rugged and strong man. He was a carpenter, a man who is well acquainted with constructing buildings, furniture, and many hard-labored tasks.

For this reason, there was no way that He remained to be as skinny as many people have had assumed. He was not a weakling but a man strong enough to drive away merchants and throw big and heavy tables to the air when He became angry of the people making the house of God a house of business.

People don’t respect an effeminate and weak-looking guy. However, as we read in the Bible, we could see that Christ was someone who commands great authority. He was respected by many and have earned their trust and confidence.

What’s popular does not necessarily mean it is right

These are the three pieces of evidence that clearly tell us the appearance of our Lord and Savior Yahshua or Jesus Christ.

It is a fact that we can never tell how exactly Jesus Christ looked like since no one ever lived and took a picture of Him. But we can be certain of how He did NOT look like through the scriptures.

Does it matter what you believe?

Yes, it greatly matters to God the Father and Jesus Christ how we perceive them. Jesus said in John 4:23-24: “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the TRUE worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him MUST worship God in spirit and truth.”

Therefore, if you want to worship God, you must do it in SPIRIT and TRUTH. Now ask your self, is Jesus having long hair the truth? Answer that question HONESTLY and I hope you know the right answer.

God and Jesus Christ are SPIRIT and we should never try to reduce Them in mere statues and posters. Their glory and praise cannot be contained in physical things. Thus, we must worship God and Jesus in Truth and Spirit.

If you want to be a true and real follower of Christ, REJECT any falsehood; reject anything that pollutes the genuine message of Yahshua. You must set aside how you want to worship God but rather you must ask God how He wants you to worship Him. Make the right decision and you will soon discover, the truth shall set you free.

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32 thoughts on “3 Shocking Reasons Why Jesus Did Not Have Long Hair

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    • He is a SEMITE, just as most naturally born men in the Middle East are, including Muslims. He had/has fairly dark skin, but NOT black!! Good try, Kalondu, you you need to study the Bible!


    • I dont care what color he was. It makes no difference to me. He was the Messiah the son of God and savior. Thats all that matters.
      That said i hate the fake blonde haired blue eyed long haired hippy looking Jesus images or the feminized long haired Florentine renditions.
      He was a carpenter not a model.


    • Haha Revelation does say his hair was white as Wool. Nice Try.

      And He was a carpenters Son- didnt beco.e a c’arpentrr but a priest – Father’s House in order of Malchizadec meant to obey Law of Moses haircuts like that called to Paul’s Priesthood.

      No longer than shoulderlength…

      So shame on them only if didny have a beard to match- they’d look like a woman.
      I’d day pray – to know Gods Will. What Too Long would mean to God. For every situation changes ethics as it was a shame for a man to West long hair for wrong reason – to be womanly.


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  4. If GOD really doesn’t like long hair on men then why would he make them NATURALLY ABLE TO GROW IT LONG IN THE FIRST PLACE ? Why wouldn’t he, as CREATOR, just make it so male hair would NATURALLY CEASE TO GROW AT A CETAIN LENGTH ? Also, what if a guy is stranded on a boat or raft or desert island in the middle of the ocean without access to scisors or a razor ? .. . oops!


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  6. A lot of assumptions are being made here. Jesus was also God incarnate and it says in the scripture that He concealed himself from the Pharisees, so was that by natural or supernatural means? Also, Jesus was a nazarine and could have been under a nazarite vow, which includes not cutting ones hair, among other things. So did He have long hair or not, I don’t know, but I’ll be sure to ask Him when I see Him.


    • Hi David,

      For one, it is obvious that Christ was able to blend in with the Jews because He was plain-looking and appear just like any other Jew. Jews, generally, have short hair and not feminine looking.

      Moreover, Yahshua or Jesus Christ is never a Nazarene. He didn’t take that vow. Most people mistakenly thought He was just because He lived in Nazareth, which is just same sounding to Nazarene. Christ drank wine and this obviously would have violated the His vow if ever He made that vow.


  7. Well I think Christ naturally has some long hair, upto the shoulders I think with little facial hair . But long or short hair is not an important fact here but believing that Jesus is our Saviour and Lord and that He is the Son of God is what really matters.


    • Hi Charlie! Thanks for your comment. Personally, I believe that it is important to know at least how Christ did NOT look like. You know how many people worship images of Christ. There’s a good reason why God didn’t reveal the appearance of Christ to ensure people don’t create an idol out of them. Moreover, because of the popular belief that Christ has long hair, many people grow their hair to the point that it looks unnatural. As Paul pointed out, it is a shame for men to have long hair.


  8. According to Colton Burpo the young man who purportedly visited Heaven and laid out his experiences in “Heaven is for real”, Jesus lookes like the painting entitled “Prince of Peace” by a young girl visionary. His hair is average length, face not feminine and has a beard and mustache.


      • proverb 25;2 Its the glory of god to conceal a thing and its the glory of a king to search out the matter
        you know the things of God must must be interpreted by the Spirit of God,For the bad thing we do as Teachers of the word we use our own mind to interpret the things God
        remember God said as heaven is far from the earth the same way his thoughts and mind is far from us.
        I wanted to say that: we teachers of the word are the kings who must search out the concealed things of God
        for this is how the Glory of God is being revealed
        servant of the Lord <be blessed


      • Hi Joshua.
        By “today” do you mean recently or ever? If you mean ever, what do you make of Paul’s visit to the third Heaven in 2 Corinthians 12.? Paul is not sure himself if it was an out of body vision or actual bodily visit. In either case his “being caught up in the third Heaven” means it is possible, if God wills it.


      • Hi Mark,

        By today, I mean, no one has ever ascended in the days past and today. The Bible is very clear in John 3:13 that no one has ascended into heaven. Regarding Paul, it was obviously a vision. How do we know it’s a vision? Simple, because no flesh and blood can enter the third Heaven.


  9. I do believe that God and Jesus Christ are SPIRIT. Also John 4:23&24 tells us how to worship. John 3:16&17 tells us who is going to perish and have eternal life. when Jesus said to Thomas, you now believe because you have seen me, He also emphasise that, even those who shall believe without seeing me shall have eternal life. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8). There are so man verses about righteousness and the right love of God in his plan and word to save us. ( Roman 14:17; Matthew 5: 43-48, Roman 12:9-21, Corinthians 13:1-13 & many others).

    The people need to understand the old and new covenant in which the new covenant is the only way to the Kingdom of heaven (Jeremiah 31:31-39)

    Satan uses the physical / material things that you can see with your eyes, feel with your flesh and pride in possessions to take you out from your position as child of God (1 John 2:15-17)

    So not Knowing the type of hair of Jesus Christ, doesn’t cut our relationship with Him, as long he is in us and us in Him through the spirit of the Father (our heavenly GOD).

    I thank you for this message, for those who shall read it, be transformed and not conformed for the things of God is about our hearts and minds controlled by him not by the world. Be blessed in Jesus Christ name.


    • Hi Vengesai,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with your points. However, the purpose of this blog is to show the deception this Christian world is in. They have a wrong image of Christ and it is leading them to false worship. That’s why it was my aim to dispel this wrong image of Christ and show them that He actually has short hair.



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