Pornography: Its Negative Effects and How to overcome it

Pornography… the word alone can elicit reactions to men’s mind. What’s so bad about pornography anyway? Is it really a harmless entertainment for the bored minds? Do people look at porn and getaway safe without any effects? Obviously, watching pornographic materials and other related objects are really harmful not only for the viewer but also to other people around them.

Here is a quick run down of the negative effects of pornography.

  • Married men will feel unsatisfied      with their wife and less emotionally attached to them. Wives, on the other      hand, will feel inadequate in      their marital life.
  • Pornography is considered as the termite that eats the      foundation of marriage. At its core, pornography is a sign of infidelity.effects of porn
  • Pornography can destroy family relationships.
  • Pornography is addictive and the      more you watch it, the more you will crave for more.
  • Pornography can destroy and numb the      mind. It can lead to poor academic performance.
  • Pornography can lead to other      destructive behaviors such as rape, violence, homosexuality, multiple      sexual partners, promiscuity, sexual assault, and other types of perverted      behaviors.
  • Pornography can lead to      disrespectful behaviors towards women. Rather than viewing a woman as a      person, they will look at her as a mere      sex object.
  • Pornography can lead to sexually      transmitted infections (STI), fornication, unplanned pregnancy, and many      others.
  • Pornography directly and indirectly      leads to more crimes within a society.
  • Pornography devalues      marriage.

These are just some of the negative effects of pornography. Reading all of them will ultimately lead to the destruction of an individual, family unit, society, and the civilization as a whole! And people wonder why there is so much suffering here on earth just because someone who is very “bright and wise” in the government said, “Let us legalize pornography!”

What does the Bible teach about pornography?

While the word pornography is not mentioned directly in the Bible, we can derive some principles that strongly condemn it. One good scripture to mention at this point is Matthew 5:28 which say;

“But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

Did you grasp that? Mere lusting is considered adultery by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He considered as a sin because sin starts at the mind. When you let it dwell in your mind for too long then entertain the thought, it will lead to action and lead to sin.

If you are a man who is regularly looking at porn and your conscience is not bothering you anymore, then you are addicted to pornography.

A confession

I have a confession to make; I look at porn many times in 24 years of my life. Yes, it is very shameful. It is a sign of immaturity on my part. Every time my hormones are screaming for porn, I immediately give in. There is no doubt, in effect, it is like saying that my “needs” and self gratification are more important than committing adultery”. I should not blame anyone but myself.

But thankfully, I already changed and put away the old man. Yes, I still struggle but I am stronger not because of my own strength but because of the Holy Spirit working in me. Through God who promised us not to be tempted beyond what we are able (I Cor. 10:13), you and I can make that change and that change can happen now!

How to avoid watching porn

Looking at pornography is a sin. It is a choice and therefore it is also a choice to stop your self from doing it. There is hope and you can break free from this addiction. Once you allow yourself being enslaved by porn, you make it your master, your idol and you simply erode your character.

To help you overcome pornographic addiction, here are some tips.

  • Confess your addiction. Recognizing      your sin and the need for forgiveness is the vital key for redemption.
  • Get rid of all your pornographic      material. Throw away magazines, DVDs, books, and other related objects.
  • Avoid the situation when you are      most tempted. Most of us might be tempted when we are alone, so you must      avoid this situation by having someone with you.
  • Ask you family and friends for help.      I know this takes a lot of courage to do but this is doable and needed to      make your overcoming more effective. It is better to ashamed to people      around you rather than be ashamed in the judgment throne of God.
  • Put your computer at the public      place.
  • Keep your self busy. It is said that      the idle mind is the workshop of the devil. Considering this, do not let      your self be bored but always be active in finding things to do like      sports.
  • Replace your bad habit with good      habit. This is one of the most helpful tip that I used to overcome      pornography. It will be more effective if you can find a healthy habit      that will replace addiction.humble-and-pray3
  • Cleanse your mind and fill it with God’s      Word. Staying close to God and always reading His word will keep you away      from temptation. Take a day aside where you should fast and meditate on      God’s Word.
  • Use the “bouncing eye” technique. We      men are visual creatures so we must guard our eyes. When we see something      that might sexually excite us, bounce your eyes to other way. We must al      make the same covenant Job made; “I made a covenant with my eyes not to      look lustfully at a girl” (Job 31:1).
  • Seek counsel. This blog is not      enough to really convince you to stop watching porn but seeking advice and      counsel from someone you trust can be a great way to put off the load.

I know there are more things to say about this subject. Pornography is a big subject that all should deal with accordingly. Every time we commit sin, every time we click that red 3 Xs while browsing the internet, every time we watch what we should be only in the context of marriage, every time you do that, you are “crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting Him to public disgrace” (Hebrews 6:6).

Let’s face it; look at porn does not make you feel good. If it does, it is only for a moment and after that is the feeling of guilt. Is it worth exchanging your momentary pleasure for your salvation? You are better than this. You must make a conscious choice NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, not after you watch for the last time another pornographic video, but NOW.

How can you build a lasting relationship with God if you’re mind is recalling the pornographic scenes you just watched every time you pray?

How can you call to God with a pure heart when your mind is full of spiritual dirt?

You answer.50505_114485265244684_1384332_n

Looking at porn is sin… and you have to take account of your actions when that last trumpet calls. Are you ready to meet your savior with a dirty mind? Are you sure you still have more time to repent and delaying change in your life? Are you sure you are going to still be here tomorrow and greet the morning sun? Are you sure?

My dear readers, it is my sincerest hope that you wage the war against pornography. Fight it will all your might and heart. Fight it with every once of your being. Once again, I say, “FIGHT!” You can win this spiritual battle as long as you are in God’s side because God never loses a battle.

So do yourself a favor, every time you think that you are at the edge of your limitation, surrender everything to God and He will do the rest. I pray that you make the right choice.

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