Scripture of the Day: Respect Women with your Eyes

“I have made a solemn promise never to look with lust at a woman” (Job 31:1).

One of the greatest battles that rage inside every man’s mind and heart is sexual temptation. Once a man arrives at the point where his hormones and sexual drives are active, it seems that men lose control and do illogical things. Everyone is susceptible to sexual sins, be it young and old, rich and poor.


But Job here has made one of the most outstanding covenants, promises, and agreements: he made a promise with his eyes NEVER to look with lust at a woman. This is rather remarkable than strange. We are to control our minds and be a master of ourselves and not ruled by lust and sinful passion.

Job knew that keeping one’s self from adultery is never enough or fornication in that matter. He made an extra effort to stop himself from lusting with his eyes which may lead to greater sin in the future. He resounded what our Lord and Master Jesus Christ over a thousand years later that “whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 7:27).


A covenant is never a joke. It is a serious matter. The covenant Job made is solemn, sacred, firm, and strong. He knew the measure of being a real man and that is to be true to his word and never falter or give in to the demand of breaking that covenant.

For sin to happen, it only takes a simple thought of lust.

Job was different from other famous individuals from the Old Testament. Though he is rich and has the capability to acquire more than one wife, he is faithful to the marriage bed. He committed himself to what God has made one and never adds another. Job knew that marital fidelity is essential if he wants to truly follow God from the heart.

We are commanded to hold our body with great responsibility, to keep it from impurity and sexual immorality, and to preserve its chastity for our future spouse. Our virginity is the best gift we can give to our husband or wife.

So are you doing what God expects of you? Do your eyes bounce back and red flags are waved in the air? Or are you letting your head turn when an immodest woman walks down the street? Do you let your guard down and let your mouth drool in lust? Do you view women with the intent of lust?

I hope that we all strive to please God rather than our fleshly need. God demands a high standard and for a good reason. Lust will pervert our attitude and corrupt our character. We MUST one day make the same promise and covenant with our eyes just like what Job did – and that day is NOW and no other better days but TODAY.

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3 thoughts on “Scripture of the Day: Respect Women with your Eyes

  1. “Brain scans revealed that men who were shown pictures of scantily clad women…responding to the photographs as if they were responding to objects, not people.” – Jessica Rey


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