Scripture of the Day: Respect Women with your Eyes

“I have made a solemn promise never to look with lust at a woman” (Job 31:1).

One of the greatest battles that rage inside every man’s mind and heart is sexual temptation. Once a man arrives at the point where his hormones and sexual drives are active, it seems that men lose control and do illogical things. Everyone is susceptible to sexual sins, be it young and old, rich and poor.


But Job here has made one of the most outstanding covenants, promises, and agreements: he made a promise with his eyes NEVER to look with lust at a woman. This is rather remarkable than strange. We are to control our minds and be a master of ourselves and not ruled by lust and sinful passion.

Job knew that keeping one’s self from adultery is never enough or fornication in that matter. He made an extra effort to stop himself from lusting with his eyes which may lead to greater sin in the future. He resounded what our Lord and Master Jesus Christ over a thousand years later that “whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 7:27).


A covenant is never a joke. It is a serious matter. The covenant Job made is solemn, sacred, firm, and strong. He knew the measure of being a real man and that is to be true to his word and never falter or give in to the demand of breaking that covenant.

For sin to happen, it only takes a simple thought of lust.

Job was different from other famous individuals from the Old Testament. Though he is rich and has the capability to acquire more than one wife, he is faithful to the marriage bed. He committed himself to what God has made one and never adds another. Job knew that marital fidelity is essential if he wants to truly follow God from the heart.

We are commanded to hold our body with great responsibility, to keep it from impurity and sexual immorality, and to preserve its chastity for our future spouse. Our virginity is the best gift we can give to our husband or wife.

So are you doing what God expects of you? Do your eyes bounce back and red flags are waved in the air? Or are you letting your head turn when an immodest woman walks down the street? Do you let your guard down and let your mouth drool in lust? Do you view women with the intent of lust?

I hope that we all strive to please God rather than our fleshly need. God demands a high standard and for a good reason. Lust will pervert our attitude and corrupt our character. We MUST one day make the same promise and covenant with our eyes just like what Job did – and that day is NOW and no other better days but TODAY.

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  1. “Brain scans revealed that men who were shown pictures of scantily clad women…responding to the photographs as if they were responding to objects, not people.” – Jessica Rey

  2. Yes. I saw a video of Jessica Rey and She mentioned the same thing. So rather than looking at a woman with dignity, men rather see a piece of flesh and nothing else.

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  4. I have found in my own observations that fornication and adultery both objectify because the sinner only thinks selfishly. Lust is nothing more than pure selfishness.He (and yes, SHE) are only interested in their own gratification. There is no giving of ones whole self. I have seen this in the old, the young, male AND female. By nature, sin in both men and women objectify. Pornography, filthy beast that it is, proves this without a doubt as both men and women watch it.

    I have also found that most who profess Christ have no understanding of the marriage relationship and how much men typify Christ and women the church.

    The Lord Jesus is always seeking to “know” His people that we may know HIM. This urge is STRONG. We come to know the Lord through intercourse……in His word. This is an intimate, personal time that we spend with Him. It is a relationship. God is a person. Salvation is a relationship with the person of the Lord.

    When you take a look at men, the physcial act that takes place between a man and his wife parallels the relationship that Christ has or desires to have with His bride, the church.

    Notice that in the bible there is no such word as s_x? It is not a bible word (and by bible I mean the Authorized King James 1611 and nothing else). The word s_x is an impersonal word of devilish origin that describes ANY and all physical contact between mankind. It is used to describe what sodomites do between themselves – in spite of the fact that the Lord says that they “dishonour their bodies between themselves (see Romans 1:24-25). It is used to describe illicit acts performed by the world that do not honour Christ or glorify God and causes the unlearned and ignorant to stumble and commit acts that defile the marriage bed. It is used to describe perverse acts between minors. It minimizes the severity of the sin and its consequences and keeps men blind to their true condition and their need of the Saviour. But the whole point of this wordplay is to put lewd and licentious acts of depravity on par with the marriage bed, when the bible says othewise.

    The bible says in Genesis 4:1: “And Adam KNEW his wife Eve and she conceived…”. There is no objectification here. What transpires in the marital bed is the wonderful outcome of personal intimacy that takes place OUTSIDE the marital bed and culminates IN the marital bed. It is an open and complete sharing of two lives who become “one flesh”. It is an allegory that is used to help those who belong to Christ understand spiritual things. It illustrates for us what takes place between Christ and His bride. We “know” Him (or rather, He knows us) and thus (spiritual) children are conceived as a result of our relationship (intercourse in His word) with Him. When a Christian preaches the gospel a seed is planted. If we are filled with the Spirit of the Lord (The Holy Spirit) the sinner is “born-again” if He believes and follows Christ. Someone else may water the seed, but it is the Lord who gives the increase.

    But this urge on the part of Christ explains why a good portion of scripture warns men about lusting after a woman or being taken with her beauty or her “eyelids”. This urge within a man is strong. So much so that it caused Adam, the first man, to “hearken to the voice of his wife” rather than the voice of His Creator.

    Satan knows our weaknesses. He has been using women to tempt men ever since Adam and Eve fell in the garden. Men have strong urges, stronger than women because, though totally depraved and utterly ruined (ye must be born again John 3:7 AKJV 1611) they were made to typify Christ and His church. I do NOT say that this excuses their bad behavior in this regard, but I do recognize the fact that men of the world have not been taught to restrain themselves and women have no conception of what immodest dress does to a man. God has not arbitrarily ordained women to dress modestly because we are women but because He knows the peril – for men and women. But it especially harmful for a man and women have the power to assist him in this regard – by unselfishly modifying her dress so that men who see her will not be TEMPTED to lust after her. Fornication is a sin against your own body:
    1 Corinthians 6:18
    “FLEE fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.”

    A modestly dressed woman does not have to contend with lust. A man will see HER because he is not distracted by her body – something that the Lord designed to seen only by her husband. Notice that women are not given this warning? Women, do not have this strong urge, no matter what she may say to the contrary. She may be consumed with lust as many women are. But the urge is not there for she is a type of the church and the church had NO DESIRE AFTER CHRIST whatsoever prior to becoming Christians (see John 6:44 AKJV 1611) and even then, we are prone to wander from Him. We would not even come to Christ if He had not called us and perished in our sin. This is why we love Him. Because He FIRST loved us.

    Our bodies are meant to be the temple of the Holy Spirit of the the Lord. Those who fornicate for long periods of time destroy any chance at redemption. God simply cannot abide in a temple that is thus polluted and sin of this nature is virtually impossible to overcome. I have seen what it does to men….and to women. And I can testify that they are consumed with lust, to the point of degradation they never conceived possible.

    Men and women of the world have no conception of this and most who profess Christ don’t either. Do not be fooled. A woman does not have the same urge that men do, no matter what they may say to the contrary. They can be consumed with lust, but lust is not the same as urge…particularly where sin has distorted it. Women also objectify men and this I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears. It is part of the sinful nature and women are not exempt.

    • There are a lot of golden nuggets in your comment, Dani! I’m glad you shared your insight. I personally learned a lot from you. Thank you and I hope you keep on sharing more insights. 🙂

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