8 Shocking Biblical Truths About the Soul

👻 What Christians don’t know about the Soul

Did you know that the common and popular understanding of Christians today about the soul is amazing far from what the Bible teaches?

How do you measure your life?

(I have created a video about how to live a life well spent. You might want to check it out!) * * * Some people live a hundred while others die at 10.  Some people live a good life while others live a difficult one. There are even people who are alive physically but dead…

Is cremation a sin?

As the world battles COVID-19 pandemic, we see the increasing number of dead bodies being cremated. As Christians who want to please God, we want to know whether cremation is sin or not. So, if someone asks you this question, “Is cremation a sin?”, can you give the right answer? Be sure you do because…