3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Relationships have either been built or destroyed through the power of words. Thus, it is only rational to know how we should communicate properly. In this blog, learn the 3 compelling ways on how to improve your communication skills!


Blessings or Trials in Disguise

Most of us has probably heard about the phrase “blessings in disguise”, but have you heard about the “trials in disguise”? There are things in this life that we first thought that are blessings, but if we are not careful, it may easily turn into a trial. The Israelites received trials in disguise At the…

Who was really born on December 25?

Most people, if not all, will automatically relate December 25 as the day Jesus was born. But there are overwhelming evidences from the Bible that will contradict this assumption. If Jesus was not born in December 25, like most religious groups assume, whose birthday are we commemorating? The dark history of Christmas A quick look…