How to stop being easily offended? [1-minute video]


Are you easily offended? If yes, then you need to know this verse. Let’s read Psalms 119:165 in the King James Version:

Great peace has they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

This tells us that the best way to avoid getting offended, being easily hurt by what people say or do, being always angry at people, and harboring bitterness, is to love God’s law.

Every time you experience something that should offend you, you simply remember God’s law, and that offense will simply become small and insignificant. Loving God’s law allows you to see beyond the situation and you let God handle the situation for you.

Instead of reacting emotionally, you now start to respond with more patience, mercy, and kindness.

And that my friend is how you stop being easily offended.

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