What is better, paying tithes or giving to those in need? [1-minute video]


One person asked, “What is better, paying tithes or giving to those in need?” God commanded both giving tithes and giving to those in need. So, it’s not really a question of which one is better or which one you should do and not do. You should do both.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that paying tithes can actually be considered giving to those in need as well. While it is true that the main purposes of tithes are to support the ministry of the Church and do the work of God, tithes can also be lawfully used to support those in need as long as it is part of God’s work and ministry.

So, you see, God has already the poor in mind. He has set aside the law, the tithing principle, to cover those people who are in need. He has long go ordained that a certain portion of our income should be given to the poor.

Want to learn more, request a free copy of the booklet, “The Power of Tithing.” Find the link in the description box.

Request a free copy of the booklet, “The Power of Tithing.”

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