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October 23, 2022

Todayโ€™s reading: 1 Corinthians 11:1

As I imitate Christ

We read in 1 Corinthians 11:1:

โ€‹1 Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.

The Greek word for imitate here simply means an imitator or a follower. Paul was saying that we should follow him as long as what he thinks, says, and does are in accordance with Christ’s command and will.

As imitators, we are to copy and mimic Paulโ€™s way of life. In previous verses, we just read how Paul put the welfare of others first before his. He strove to ensure that others are taken care of. He did his best to serve others.

Paul was saying that we should also serve others and think of their welfare. We must imitate this attitude and character of Paul.

Paul made it clear that the ultimate goal is not to copy his way of life, but to copy Yahshua’s way of life. Although we can look at Paul and set him as an example, our best example is still the Messiah.

As imitators and followers of Yahshua, we must study His way of life. We learn about His custom. We discover what He did and try to duplicate that kind of life in our lives.

Christ lived an unselfish life. He was all about serving other people. He devoted His life to the service of God.

Thatโ€™s why, if we are going to imitate Christ, we must and should do our best to serve others and live a selfless life.

Imagine how this world could have been more beautiful if only more and more people try to imitate the life of Christ.


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