đź“… Choose to be kind – Daily Bible Reading

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August 23, 2022

Today’s reading: Job 19:1-4

Choose to be kind

We read in Job 19:1-4:

​1 Then Job answered and said:

2 “How long will you torment my soul,
And break me in pieces with words?

3 These ten times you have reproached me;
You are not ashamed that you have wronged me.

4 And if indeed I have erred,
My error remains with me.

When it comes to comforting someone who is in deep trouble and anguish, the last thing you want to do is worsen the situation.

We see here that Job felt that his tormentors were his friends. Sadly, the friends who came to comfort Job weren’t good at it.

Instead of helping Job, they were condemning him. They rubbed salt into the wound and made things even worse.

This should teach us an important lesson when it comes to comforting someone who is suffering. We must show mercy instead of condemnation. Whether the person is at fault or not, that’s between the person and God. Of course, we also need to use wisdom when we must give corrections.

In the case of Job, he needed friends more than critics. He needed someone who could have been more sympathetic to his plight.

I remember, there was this one time when I lost my phone. I was so sad because I saved a lot of money just to buy that. A friend of mine knew about what happened. Instead of comforting me, he scolded me, explaining all the ways I lost the phone!

In that instance, there was no need to repeat how I lost my phone. I already knew it was my fault. The last thing I wanted at that time was to make myself feel worse than I already was.

I think that’s what Job also felt, only far worse.

Thus, when people suffer, choose to be kind, sympathetic, and merciful.


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One thought on “đź“… Choose to be kind – Daily Bible Reading

  1. “A friend loves at all times”
    “By this they will know you are my disciples when you love one another”


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