๐Ÿ“… Infertility – Daily Bible Reading

June 5, 2022

Today’s reading: I Samuel 1:1-18


According to some statistics, there are about 186 million individuals who have infertility issues. If this is a problem today, it was definitely a problem in ancient times.

Every once in a while, we read about barren women in the Bible. One of them is Hannah.

Between Hannah and Peninnah, it seems that Hannah should be the one with a child compared to Peninnah who seemed to be proud and unrighteous.

This tells us that people get infertile not because they are more sinful than others. So, it is wrong to assume that those who suffer more are the same people who sin more. The opposite is also true: it is wrong to assume that those who have better lives are more righteous than those who suffer.

Going back to Hannah, we see how not having a child took a toll on her, physically and emotionally. She was grieved and would not even eat because of this issue.

We see here that it is okay to be sad but what makes the huge difference is what youโ€™re going to do with your situation.

You can sulk all day, get depressed, and give up.

Or, you can be Hannah who brought her problem to Yahweh of hosts.

Prayer is among the most powerful spiritual tools a Christian can use, yet it is also the most neglected.

We see here how Hannah used prayer to talk to God. She was honest with her feelings. She told God all that she felt.

We, too, can go to our Heavenly Father when we have problems and troubles in life. While we may have the urge to run away from God, it is always better to run toward Him.

When life hits us with trials and problems, may we be like Hannah who continually prayed to God and established a close relationship with Him.

To learn more, please read, “Lessons from the Life of Samuel: The Power of Prayer (Part 1).”

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