Examining the Death of Jesus Christ

A lot of us know that Yahshua (popularly known as Jesus Christ) died for our sins.

When you read through the bible, it seems it is so easy for us to miss the magnitude and the unimaginable sacrifice made by Yahshua.

That’s why in my latest blog, “A Detailed Look at the Suffering of Jesus Christ,” we will go through the suffering of the Messiah, from the garden to the final place of his suffering.

In this blog, let’s take a look at the suffering of Christ from a medical perspective. Let’s look at how painful it was really for Christ to be scourged, beaten up, and crucified for our sins.

I strongly urge you to read through this blog.

By knowing the pain of Christ, we get a fresh perspective on what it really means for us to be bought by the precious blood of Jesus and redeemed by His life.

I hope to see you there!

Until He comes,

A Detailed Look at the Suffering of Jesus Christ

One thought on “Examining the Death of Jesus Christ

  1. One way of giving importance to what have Jesus done for us, all the pain, sacrifices and His death, is to accept that the things written in the law of Moses concerning Him were fulfilled. All the that He has done was nothing if we still continue to hold and practice the things He had fulfilled. He gave His life to fulfill those laws so we never should go back to those old laws.

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