Stagnation (📅 Daily Bible Reading)

March 3, 2022


Today’s reading: Numbers 26

We read about the second census of the Israelites in the wilderness. If you’re going to do the math, the number of men ready for war decreased by about 0.3%. 

What does this tell us?

It tells us how the Israelites stagnated in their growth in terms of population. For almost forty years, their number relatively stayed the same.

We can see how the years spent in the wilderness reflect no growth, no advancement.

This does not simply tell you about the physical but also the spiritual state of Israel.

For about four decades, the Israelites just went in circles, not able to enter the promised land.

This was needed to weed off the generation of doubters and unbelievers until a new generation shall rise up who are bold enough to conquer the Promised Land.

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