What are the lessons we learn from Esther?

Esther is among the most popular female characters in the Bible. The story in which we read about her story bears her name.

If you read through the book of Esther, you will be impressed and even astonished as to how God played a vital role in the story. 

To top it all up, the word “God” is nowhere found in the book, although some scholars will tell you that the name of God is wisely encoded within the text.

So, there’s no doubt that Esther’s story is an interesting read. To better guide you in learning more about Esther, here are 7 Amazing Things You Should Know About Queen Esther’s Life.

Read it now and learn more about Esther’s life and how we can better Christians today!

7 Amazing Things You Should Know About Queen Esther's Life
Things you probably don’t know about Queen Esther

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