What Jesus Taught About the Sabbath will Shock You!

So many people believe that Jesus commanded us to keep any day of the week as our Sabbath rest. However, is this what the Bible really says? It’s time you learn the truth!

Did you know that Jesus never goes to church (or synagogue) on Sunday?

Instead, Jesus kept the seventh-day Sabbath as His day of rest.

As this might be the case, a lot of Christians today believe that Jesus kept the Sabbath so that we don’t have to.

However, is this teaching accurate? Could it be that MILLIONS of Christians today are wrong in keeping their day of rest? Could it be that the Fourth Commandment is the most ignored and misunderstood commandment?

You need to discover the truth.

This blog might be your only chance of knowing what Jesus actually taught about the Sabbath. Thus, I strongly beseech you to read, “What did Jesus teach about the Sabbath?” and know God’s will in your life.

It’s time that we remove Satan’s veil of deception. Read the blog today and know how to receive my free eBook, “The Shocking Truth About the Sabbath.”

Until He comes,

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