What the Israelites can teach us about the Sabbath

The Sabbath is considered by most Christians to be a sacred relic of the past.

It is something that is only applicable and valuable in ancient times, but not today.

However, do you know that the Sabbath holds a vital key in developing a closer and deeper relationship with God? 

Though underestimated, forgotten, and ignored by many, the Sabbath is a powerful way to become a more zealous servant of God.

That’s why, in understanding deeper how the Sabbath can benefit us, join me now as we travel back in time and see how the Israelites observed the Sabbath. Let us also take a look at what God mentioned about the Sabbath and how it relates to Him during the time of the ancient Israelites.

Here’s an eye-opening blog entitled, “The Sabbath and the Israelites: What We Can Learn from the Fourth Commandment.”

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