Get rid of limiting labels

You might not notice it but we label things and people almost all the time. It helps us to remember events, sort out things, and group people together.

However, the problem with labeling ourselves and other people are that it can limit us. Worst of all, it can prevent us from reaching our destiny for greatness.

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In the Bible, we read how Jephthah was labeled a bastard by his family. Because he was a son of a harlot, he was driven out of his father’s house.

We also read about Jabez who was labeled as a burden. His name means “pain” and many people expect him to live up to his name.

Now., here’s the thing: both Jephthah and Jabez got rid of those labels. Instead of letting other people dictate who they should be and who they should become, they looked to God and created their own story.

Jephthah became a mighty warrior and delivered the Israelites from the Ammonites. (You can read his story in Judges 11-12 and learn more lessons from his life.) 

On the other hand, Jabez prayed to God and ask for blessings. Because of his sincerity, character, and attitude, the Almighty granted the request of Jabez and Jabez became a blessing to his people. (Read about the Prayer of Jabez to learn more.)

You have the choice to let the labels people put on you determine your destiny OR you will let what God says to determine your destiny.

It is a choice you have to make.

People may call you

  • bastard, 
  • burden, 
  • failure, 
  • addict, 
  • average, 
  • Stupid,
  • And hopeless.

And yes, at times, those labels may be true.

However, you don’t have to stay there. Again, that’s not your destiny.

God has endowed you with the special abilities, unique gifts, and energy to break out from the mold society has put you in.

Why don’t you ask God who you are? Why don’t you let Him give you a label?

In the Bible, through God’s grace, love, and mercy, He calls us

  • A child of God
  • Masterpiece
  • Precious
  • Well-equipped
  • And the apple of His eyes.

Now, you have the choice, which labels you want to use.

The good news is that people don’t have the final say, God has.

God determines your destiny and not people.

The only thing you need to do is whether to accept the destiny God has prepared for you or you will stay with the labels people put on you.

Thankfully, you have the choice.

Choose to get rid of the limiting labels people and even you put to yourself.

It’s time to embrace the labels God has for you.

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